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Frage zu EJournal-Seminaren


ich habe gerade in LIS-E-JOURNALS einen Hinweis auf eine
Fortbildungs-Veranstaltung der UKSG  in Edinburgh gelesen,
der mich zu der Frage verleitet, ob es so etwas ähnliches auch in Deutschland
Weiss jemand von Seminaren, Kursen etc., in denen diese Inhalte vermittelt
Bin dankbar für jeden Hinweis.

Hier ein Auszug aus dem Listenbeitrag
One Day E-Journal Technical Update Course:
Everything you always wanted to know about e-journals but were afraid to ask.
Many of us working directly with e-journals in libraries or as
intermediaries or publishers would like to feel more confident in our
understanding of the basic technology.  Managing e-journals and making them
available to end-users is quite different from dealing with print, but many
of us have moved from one to the other, picking up expertise informally.
Even then, we probably all have gaps in our knowledge and understanding, and
the need to gain a proper balanced overview of the technical environment is
crucial if we are to do our jobs effectively.

The Development of E-Journals
Identifying the major companies involved in e-journal provision
The differences between gateway, aggregator, e-journal host and
publisher web sites and search engine-based gateways
The benefits of electronic journals
The rise of linking, including CrossRef and the DOI
Linking from library web pages and OPACs
Corporate intranets

Access Control and User Authentication
Definition of terms - access control, user authentication
Organisational hierarchies
User authentication methodologies
IP address ranges, firewalls and proxies
Access control methodologies
Why gateways and publishers both have to know IP addresses
Organising access to content efficiently

Organising access to content efficiently
User navigational behaviour
Which starting point for a user?
Library web pages
OpenURL link servers (e.g. SFX) and supporting services
Open Archives and Open Access (including OAI-PMH)
Author web sites
Organising access to open archives

Grüsse aus dem sonnigen Leverkusen,  Angelika Wolter, Kekule Bibliothek

   Bayer Business Services GmbH
   BBS-S&T-IC Kekule Library
   Geb. Q18
   51368 Leverkusen, Germany
   Mail: Angelika.Wolter@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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