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Claudia Lux IFLA Präsidentin


Claudia Lux wins IFLA Presidential election

Claudia Lux, Director General, Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (ZLB),
Germany, has been voted President-elect by IFLA members.

She will begin her two-year term as President-elect during the IFLA conference
in Oslo this August. She will succeed Alex Byrne as President in August 2007
for a two-year term.

Claudia Lux is currently member of the IFLA Governing Board.

The full results were:


* Claudia Lux (Germany) 1094 - elected
* Cristobal Pasadas Ureña (Spain) 330 - not elected

The total number of valid ballot papers received for the vacancies on the
Governing Board was 522, a return rate of 41.4%.  This represents 1425 votes,
55.9% of the possible total.

Two members of staff of the Royal Library of the Netherlands, P.J. Moree and
J.J.M.Bos, acted as scrutineers.

Peter Johan Lor
Secretary General
June 2005

Dr. Harald Müller

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Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law
and International Law / Library
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