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Re: Internationale Kooperationen

Lieber Herr Lieder,
dann ist vielleicht auch folgendes Projekt für Sie interessant,
das sich mit elektronische Bibliothek und Semantic Web beschäftigt.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to invite you to participate in MarcOnt Initiative directed by
DERI. The aim of the initiative is to deliver ontology and tools that would
enable semantically enhanced digital libraries to utilise abundance of legacy
bibliographic metadata.

Recently we have announced the preliminary version of a bibliographic ontology
http://ontology.marcont.org/. MarcOnt ontology provides interoperability
between MARC21, BibTeX and DublinCore. Along with an ontology, MarcOnt
initiative developed a mediation service http://mediation.marcont.org/ that
translates between MarcOnt ontology and MARC21, BibTeX and Dublin Core

MarcOnt mediation service will be deployed in JeromeDL - e-Library with
Semantics http://www.jeromedl.org/. This will provide a unique way to
describe the resources in database with already existing MARC21 or BibTeX

MarcOnt initiative resources are available under Open Source BSD License.

For further information contact: Sebastian Ryszard Kruk

-- Sebastian Ryszard Kruk
-- Ph.D. Researcher
-- Digital Enterprise Research Institute
-- National University of Ireland, Galway
-- mailto: sebastian.kruk@xxxxxxxx
-- GG: 335067, Jabber: s_kruk@xxxxxxxxx
-- Skype: sebastiankruk
-- WWW: http://www.skruk.prv.pl/
-- mobile (IRL): +353 85 7126591
-- phone (PL): +48 52 5110114 ----

	Kerstin Zimmermann

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