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[InetBib] (Inetbib) Announcement:Open Access


Experts on the fundamentals of OPEN ACCESS supply participants with two days of food for thought. Secure your seat in the “soup kitchen” by registering now for

“Is there any progress in alternative publishing? Problems of scholarly information economy”

Date: 22.10.05 – 23.10.2005.

Venue: JWG-University Frankfurt am Main, Campus Westend

Programme, registration and more details:


Seated at the top table:

Rafael Ball, Simon Beale, Ruth M.Bousonville, Adam Chesler, Hans Robert Cram,
Berndt Dugall, Jean-Claude Guédon, Derk Haank, Jonas Holmström, Arie Jongejan,
Marc McCabe, Sally Morris, Jens Redmer, John Regazzi, Alam P. Swan, Richard Wellen,
Davod Worlock, and last, but not least, the moderator: Mike Olson.

Sponsored by the US Embassy, ProQuest, Sun Microsystems and Swets

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