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Re: [InetBib] Stellenausschreibung Knowledge Exchange / DFG

War das nicht das Projekt, von dem Diann Rusch-Feja letztes Jahr sprach???


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Betreff: [InetBib] Stellenausschreibung Knowledge Exchange / DFG

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
ich möchte Sie auf die folgende Stellenausschreibung im 
Kooperationsnetzwerk "Knowledge Exchange", an dem auch die 
Deutsche Forschungsgsmgemeinschaft beteiligt ist, aufmerksam 
machen. Sie finden die Anzeige auch unter 
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jürgen Bunzel
Dr. Juergen Bunzel
Program Director
Academic Libraries and Information Systems (LIS 1) Deutsche 
Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG Kennedyallee 40 53170 Bonn
Tel.: (+49) 228 885 2260
Fax: (+49) 228 885 2272
e-mail: juergen.bunzel@xxxxxx 

A Programme Manager for The Knowledge Exchange Office in 
Copenhagen, Denmark


The Knowledge Exchange (KE) is a challenging new way of 
collaborating between:

·         JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), United Kingdom

·         SURF (SURF Foundation), The Netherlands

·         DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), Germany

·         DEFF (Denmark's Electronic Research Library), Denmark


Knowledge Exchange (KE) is an umbrella under which the four 
national organisations work towards common infrastructure and 
services based on international standards to support the use 
of ICT within tertiary education and research and as such 
contribute to inform European policy. The main aim is to 
develop closer working relationships between the 
organisations in order to increase return on national 
investment in ICT infrastructure, services and projects. 
Through sharing of knowledge, exploring differences, 
collaborating and promoting international dialogue the vision 
is to create the optimal virtual environment for learners, 
teachers and researchers. 

The Knowledge Exchange cooperation started up in the second 
half of 2005. For the three first years the KE office, which 
acts as secretariat for the collaboration, will be located in 
Copenhagen together with DEFF, a unit of the Danish National 
Library Authority. The official language of the Knowledge 
Exchange is English.



The Knowledge Exchange office


At present the daily work is undertaken by a Programme 
Manager at the Copenhagen Office and four National 
Representatives situated in the partner organisations. As 
activities are currently increasing, we need another 
experienced and self-motivated colleague, who will be 
situated at the KE office in Copenhagen. International 
applications are invited.


Field of responsibility

The KE programme managers facilitate the work of the KE, 
pushing forward and implementing the programme agreed upon by 
the KE Board, thus acting as secretariat for the entire 
collaboration programme. The programme managers ensure the 
establishment of the initiative and deliver its priorities, 
deputising for each other when needed. They take 
responsibility for co-ordinating communication activities and 
implementing the Knowledge Exchange at an operational level.



Your qualifications


The following experience is essential:


¨       Relevant professional qualifications and competences

¨       Previous experience in the tasks, activities and 
obligations of a secretariat, particularly as regards 
planning and running of workshops, conferences and board meetings

¨       Experience in working with funding organisations, 
preferably with managing programmes or large projects related 
to the application of information technology to education 
and/or research

¨       Good understanding of current developments and 
technologies that support learning, teaching, research and 
management of educational research institutions and 
libraries, including development e.g. within electronic 
publishing, scholarly communication, e-learning, digital 
universities, etc.

¨       Excellent communication, facilitation, and 
inter-personal skills

¨       Experience of working with and through people and 
organisations for whom you do not have direct line management 


The following qualities and skills are sought:


¨       Enthusiasm, energy, and motivation

¨       The ability and motivation to act and work as an 
effective and enthusiastic team member as well as to work 

¨       An organised and orderly approach to work and the 
ability to cope with a heavy workload

¨       Good judgement in determining priorities and tasks 
and understanding the need to consult and cooperate close 
with colleagues

¨       Willing to work and travel outside normal working hours

¨       Multilingualism

¨       Flexible approach to working 



Salary and conditions of employment

The appointment as Programme Manager in the Knowledge 
Exchange is for a period of approximately 2½  years (till the 
31st of August 2008) in the first instance. The job is 
full-time and an early appointment is wanted.

The appointment, based on Danish labour market legislation, 
will follow salary and conditions of employment according to 
the Agreement between the Ministry of Finance and academics 
in the government sector. Salary will be in the region of 
EUR55,000 plus 16,8% non-contributory pension allowance.



Application, including CV should be marked Reference KE/PM2 
and sent by e-mail to National Library Authority att Ms. 
Amela Hajdarevic at: aha@xxxxx <mailto:aha@xxxxx> 


The application must be received by midday on the 
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­28th of April 2006. Interviews will be held 
on the 19th of May 2006 near Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.


For further information about the job, please contact:

Nina von Staffeldt, Knowledge Exchange Office, ph: (45) 33 73 
33 80 email nvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Bo Öhrström, Danish National Library Authority, ph: (45) 33 
73 33 97 email boe@xxxxx <mailto:boe@xxxxx>  

Sigrun Eckelmann, DfG, Germany, ph: (49) 22 88 852344 email 
sigrun.eckelmann@xxxxxx <mailto:sigrun.eckelmann@xxxxxx> 

Bas Cordewener, SURF, Netherlands, ph: (31) 628 650179 email 
cordewener@xxxxxxx <mailto:cordewener@xxxxxxx> 

Norman Wiseman, JISC, UK, ph: (44) 7768 996097 email 
n.wiseman@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:n.wiseman@xxxxxxxxxx> 


For more information about the KE collaboration, please visit 
www.knowledge-exchange.info <http://www.knowledge-exchange.info/> 


The Danish National Library Authority invites all potentially 
qualified candidates to apply for the job, irrespective of 
age, gender, religion or ethnic affiliation.


The Danish National Library Authority (Biblioteksstyrelsen) 
is the Ministry of Culture's professional body in relation to 
library matters. Its main tasks are advice to ministries and 
institutions, development of the Danish library system and a 
number of administrative functions. Denmark's Electronic 
Research Library (DEFF) is a unit in the Agency's development 
department. See more at www.bs.dk <http://www.bs.dk/>  and 
www.deff.dk <http://www.deff.dk/> 


Ulrike Hintze
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Gruppe 'Wissenschaftliche Literaturversorgungs- und 
Informationssysteme' (LIS) Kennedyallee 40
53175 Bonn

Tel.: 0228/885-2399
Fax:  0228/885-2272
E-Mail: Ulrike.Hintze@xxxxxx


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