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[InetBib] TAPE publishes "The Digital Black Hole" by Jonas Palm, National Archives of Sweden, online

With apologies for cross-posting

Article "The Digital Black Hole" by Jonas Palm, National Archives of Sweden, 
now online

The article presents an analysis of costs for digitizing and long-term storage 
at the Riksarkivet (National Archives, RA) in Stockholm, Sweden. This example 
includes forecasts of cost development for the next few years which may help 
other institutions in analysing their own costs and budgeting for long-term 

To download the article go to:
(445 KB).

The author:
Jonas Palm is Director, Head of the Preservation Department, National Archives 
of Sweden, Stockholm

The article is published in the framework of the TAPE project: Training for 
Audiovisual Preservation in Europe, 

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