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[InetBib] VERANSTALTUNG: IKONE-2007, 27-29 August 2007, Bangalore

From: KOTI Raghavan [mailto:ksragav@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 9:47 AM
To: ikone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; ikone2007@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: IKONE-2007

Dear Colleagues : I am pleased to inform you that the notification
inviting papers for the forthcoming IKONE 2007 (International Conference
on Future of Knowledge Organization in the Networked Environment) being
organized by DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore in
association with the International Society for Knowledge Organization
(ISKO) has been issued. Please visit the DRTC Website
(www.drtc.isibang.ac.in <http://www.drtc.isibang.ac.in/> ) for details.
I have great pleasure in inviting papers for presentation at the
conference. I look forward to receiving your paper and for your active
participation in the Conference.

I would apprecaite it very much if you publicize the event among your
professional colleagues through all possible means. Please feel free to
write to me for any clarification. Please write to
ikone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ikone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  with  cc to
ikone2007@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:ikone2007@xxxxxxxxx>  .  The information on
the website will be continuously updated and information regarding
accommodation / hotels, etc will be made available shortly.


Dr. K. S. Raghavan   
Convener, IKONE 2007 
Professor, DRTC , Indian Statistical Institute 

Bangalore 560 059 
Tel: +91-80-28483002 to 28483006 Ext. 492  
Fax: +91-80-28484910 
E-mail: raghavan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:raghavan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
; ksragav@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ksragav@xxxxxxxxxxx>  

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