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Re: [InetBib] FRAGE: German DIN Documentation group

Dear Peter, dear Mr Garcia Marco,

There has been, for a long time, a thesaurus subcommittee in the German
Standardization Committee DIN-NABD. It is presently declared "dormant"
but maybve the calling on several experts could help to revive it. Some
German experts are already aware of the important developmentd in the US
Standard ANSI Z39 on thesauri (2003/4) and of the British initiative.
French colleagues have recently put up the same question to me. 

Further official information can be received from H.-J. Wiesner,

The international Committee is ISO/TC 46/SC 9, Secretariat Jane Thacker,
National Library and Archives of Canada, Ottawa.

I am happy to be further in touch and to share, if desired, with you
names of German experts that are or were active in the thesaurus field. 

Axel Ermert
Institut für Museumsforschung - SPK
In der Halde 1

D 14195 Berlin

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Hier leite ich eine Anfrage von Francisco Javier García Marco von der
Spanischen ISKO weiter. Wer weiss, wer sich damit beschäftigt, kann Mr.
García Marco vielleicht direkt antworten (in Englisch).

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Sincères salutations,

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Subject: German DIN Documentation group

Is any German of a DIN group in charge of thesauri?
There is a very interesting British initiative (BS8723) to reform ISO
2788 and ISO 5964 (Documentation - Guidelines for the establishment and
development of multilingual thesauri) and we are looking contacts to see
if different countries are interested in a ISO 2788 and ISO 5964
revision working on those backgrounds.

Best regards,


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