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[InetBib] CfP: NRHM Special Issue on Studying the Users of Digital Education Technologies

Call for Papers: New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia
Special Issue on Studying the Users of Digital Education Technologies: Theories, Methods, and Analytical Approaches

Guest editor: Michael Khoo
National Science Digital Library, University Corporation for Atmospheric
Research, Boulder, Colorado, United States: mjkhoo@xxxxxxxx

Submission deadline: 16 May 2007
Acceptance notification: 2 July 2007
Final manuscripts due: 20 August 2007

Digital technologies are increasingly integral components of educational
settings and Digital Libraries, serving for instance as repositories, as
scaffolds to enhance face-to-face pedagogy, and as distance-learning
tools. How might we understand the impact of these technologies on
knowledge and learning, and what lessons might be learnt from their use,
that could be applied to future technologies? Addressing these research
questions requires recognition of the highly complex character of
digital education technologies: they vary in size from handheld PDAs to
large distributed digital library projects; they are used in a range of
formal and informal educational settings ranging from schools and
universities to hospitals, clinics, museums and art galleries; and they
serve learners of all ages. How may researchers approach this
heterogeneity and work towards useful research outcomes?

This special issue of NRHM addresses issues associated with the
qualitative understanding of the use of digital educational technologies
in real-life contexts (with a focus on digital libraries, broadly
conceived), by emphasizing the importance of contextual sociotechnical
studies of technology use and design. The issue will consider
educational technologies as complex mixtures of people, practices and
technologies, embedded in a range of institutional, technological and
social contexts. The editor therefore invites contributions that address
the qualitative and sociotechnical study of digital educational
technologies and users 'in the wild.' Relevant topics include, but are
not limited to:

-       Theoretical approaches
          Ethnographic, anthropological, sociological, sociotechnical,
        activity theory, practice-based, and other approaches to the
        analysis of digital educational technologies
-       Methodological approaches
          HCI, user testing, scenarios, interviews, focus groups, etc.
          Discourse analysis
          Webmetrics and use models
-       Applications to particular domains
          Science education
          Digital Libraries
          User groups and use-in-context
-       Applied approaches
          Case studies
          Qualitative research and project evaluation strategies
          Communicating qualitative research results to digital library
        developers and sponsors

The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (NRHM) is published by
Taylor & Francis and appears in both print and digital formats. For more
details and indicative topics, see the journal website:

Submissions should be sent by email to the guest editor, preferably in
pdf format. Questions and enquiries concerning this call should be
directed to the guest editor. Open topic papers meeting NRHM's scope in
general are also welcome (send to Editor, dstudhope@xxxxxxxxxx).

Traugott Koch
Max Planck Digital Library, Invalidenstr. 35, D-101 15 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30-23455755 (Office)
E-mail: traugott.koch@xxxxxxxxxxx
Homepage: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/ukoln/staff/t.koch/

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