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[InetBib] Stellenausschreibung Professorship at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

We have a new professorship available at the Institute for Library and Information Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin. I am sending a link to the description in Die Zeit for anyone who might be interested. Please feel free to circulate this notice to others.

Note that the professorship has a 5 year contract term. This is because we are funding it through the distance education program, which must be renewed every five years. A renewal after 5 years is not guaranteed, but neither is it impossible. One of the expectations is that the person in this position takes on some responsibility for our distance education program. That means some but by no means exclusive teaching in the program, and some but hopefully not too onerous administrative duties. It is otherwise a normal German professorship with teaching and research expectations. The ability to teach in German is important.

A PhD is absolutely required. A Habilitation is not required as long as the candidate has a reasonable publication record.

I will be at ALA for those who want to ask specific questions. I am available on email too, of course.

ANNOUNCEMENT IN DIE ZEIT: http://zeit.academics.de/portal/action/av/show?adId=12818 ANNOUNCEMENT AT HU: http://www3.hu-berlin.de/frame/?url=www.personalabteilung.hu-berlin.de/

Note that the last date to apply is 12 July 2007.

If you are interested, let me know.

Best wishes ... Michael

Prof. Michael Seadle
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