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[InetBib] Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO and ECPA publish report on preservation of digital heritage

UNESCO, during the 32nd session of its General Conference in 2003,
adopted the Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage. The
Charter outlines the special characteristics of digital objects that
call for new policies to ensure long-term access to the digital

Amongst the many issues that are mentioned in the Charter, two seem to
be especially important: selection of material, and division of tasks
and responsibilities between institutions. Principles and policies for
preserving the digital heritage were discussed at the international
conference of 4-5 November 2005 in The Hague, organized by the
Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO and the Koninklijke
Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands, as a follow-up
activity to the Charter.

The recent publication contains selected papers of the conference, which
reflect the wide-ranging implications of the digital environment for our
cultural heritage and offers challenging views of the requirements for
its preservation. 

Ordering information:
Preserving the digital heritage: principles and policies
Yola de Lusenet and Vincent Wintermans (eds)
ISBN 978-90-6984-523-4
Copies can be ordered from the ECPA Secretariat at the address below or
through the ECPA website. 
The price is 40 euros, exclusive of postage and handling. 
You will also find the report free of charge as a PDF file on the
website of each of the publishers: 
<http://www.knaw.nl/ecpa> h <http://www.knaw.nl/ecpa>
ttp://www.knaw.nl/ecpa and http://www.unesco.nl/main_6-3.php

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