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[InetBib] Last Call for Papers! ASIS&T-ESC Best Research Proposal Award 2008

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       ASIS&T Graduate Research Forum @ BOBCATSSS 2008 - Call for

ASIS&T-European Students Chapter sponsors in cooperation with ASIS&T European Chapter a Forum open to graduate students (both PhD and Master's are encouraged to apply) at BOBCATSSS 2008 conference in Zadar, Croatia. The forum is moderated by Dr. Isto Huvila (Åbo Akademi University, Finland) and Cathal Hoare (University College Cork, Ireland).

The best submitted proposal will receive the ASIS&T-ESC Best Research Proposal Award 2008.

All doctoral and master's level students are welcome to submit one page research proposals to the workshop no later than 1 Dec 2007 to Isto Huvila to firstname.lastname@xxxxxxx Six participants will be selected on the basis of the quality of the proposal and the potential to benefit of the participation at the forum. All participants will be delivered a copy of the proposals of the other participants.

At the forum all participants will have a couple of minutes to introduce their proposals and time for discussion. The forum is intended to be a not-so-scary occasion where everyone gets a possibility to benefit of the comments and experiences of moderators and peers and a chance to network.

Submissions extended deadline 1 Jan 2008
PhD Forum 29 Jan 2008
BOBCATSSS 2008 Conference 28-30 Jan 2008

Dr. des. Petra Hauke
Tel. +49 30 741 59 03
Fax +49 30 740 70 216
D-12107 Berlin
16th BOBCATSSS 2008, 28-30 January, Zadar, Croatia
www.bobcatsss2008.org - Don't forget to join!

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