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[InetBib] WG: New jobs at Europeana

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
ich möchte Sie auf Stellenausschreibungen für die Europeana aufmerksam machen. 
Die Ausschreibungstexte finden Sie unter 
Die Stellen sind befristet, Dienstort ist Den Haag, Bewerbungsschluss ist der 
27. Februar 2009.
Viele Grüße,
Britta Woldering

Dr. Britta Woldering 
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek 
Adickesallee 1 
D-60322 Frankfurt am Main 
Telefon: +49-69-1525-1541 
Telefax: +49-69-1525-1010 
http://www.d-nb.de <http://www.d-nb.de/>  

- ----------------------- 


Dear all,


We are starting the project Europeana v1.0 and are looking to grow the 
Europeana office to help us develop Europeana into a fully operational site. 


We would like to ask for your help in the recruitment process to be able to 
attract high quality candidates from all over Europe. Would you please be kind 
enough to forward this information to anyone in your network who might be 
interested in one of these roles? If your organisation lists vacancies on the 
website, could you please post these positions as well?


At the moment we are recruiting for the following positions:


- General Project Manager (GPM_0209.01)

- Business Development Manager (BDM_0209.01)

- Marketing Assistant (MA_0209.01)

- PR and Editorial Assistant (PR_0209.01)

- Webmaster (WM_0209.01)

- PA (PA_0209.01)


Applicants should send their resume and cover letter to jobs.edlf@xxxxx, with 
the corresponding reference nos. as subject or by mail to:


c/o the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
National Library of the Netherlands

PO Box 90407
2509 LK The Hague
The Netherlands



Application deadline: 27 Feb COB


If you have any questions or comments regarding these positions or the 
recruitment process, please do not reply to this email address, but send your 
email to jobs.edlf@xxxxxx 


Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Kind regards,


Karin Heijink

Business Development Director

EDL Foundation - Europeana


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