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[InetBib] International Symposium "Academic Online Resources: Assessment and Usage"

International Symposium "Academic Online Resources: Assessment and Usage"

Lille (France), 26-27 November 2009

The evaluation of academic online information resources through usage
assessment accompanies their integration into academic libraries. The
topic associates librarians, publishers, vendors and scientists into a
common discussion on resource management, evaluation, research and
theoretical aspects.

Between 1998 and 2008, the work on usage assessment advanced in several
ways. The COUNTER Codes of Good Practice are to become international
standards and facilitate the recording and reporting of online usage
statistics in a consistent, credible and compatible way. Regularly revised
and updated, they are built upon common definitions of collected usage
statistics. Vendors and service providers offer tools and services for the
management of usage data, compliant with the COUNTER standards. Libraries
develop local software for usage assessment. Especially in the UK, results
from a new type of usage research based on the weblog analysis have been
published. These studies provide an accurate knowledge about who uses
what, when and how.

The symposium aims at highlighting the frontline research of library and
information scientists and LIS professionals and at getting a large and
precise understanding of online information usage assessment and to
discuss the challenges.

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