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[InetBib] Call for papers:Transcending boundaries

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

im naechsten Jahr findet im belgischen Mons das 4. Kolloquium einer
Kolloquiums-Reihe zur Informationsgeschichte statt, die 2002 dort auch
begonnen hatte. Der Call for Papers ist unten wiedergegeben.
(Vgl. auch http://blog.hapke.de/?p=272 )

Vielleicht findet die Veranstaltung ja Ihr Interesse!?

Herzliche Gruesse aus Hamburg-Harburg,
Thomas Hapke



Transcending Boundaries in Europe in the Period of the Belle Epoque:
Organizing Knowledge, Mobilizing Networks, and Effecting Social Change
-A colloquium to be held at the Mundaneum, Mons, 20-21 May 2010

Papers for the colloquium will explore aspects of network development,
information creation, organization and exchange, and related “boundary
spanning” activities of individuals and institutions and the scholarly
tools and techniques that this enabled them to develop during the period
of the “Belle époque” in which the Western European world underwent
extensive social, political and “epistemic” change from approximately
1880 to 1914.

Those interested in submitting papers for the colloquium are asked to
submit an abstract of not more than 500 words by January 31, 2010.
Abstracts may be in French or English and will be refereed. Authors will
be notified by of the outcome of this process by February 28, 2010.
Accepted papers must be delivered at the Colloquium in English.

For further information see
ENGLISH: http://www.mundaneum.be/index.asp?ID=621

Enquiries should be sent to:
W Boyd Rayward -- wrayward@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Stephanie Manfroid -- stephanie.manfroid@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

W. Boyd Rayward
Professor Emeritus
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
501 E. Daniel St
Champaign, IL 61820-6211
ph: 217 - 244- 9741
fax: 217  244 -3302


Thomas Hapke, Subject Librarian for Chemical Engineering
University Library, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
Denickestr. 22, 21073 Hamburg, Germany
e-mail: hapke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, phone: +49 40 42878-3365,
fax: 40 42878-2527


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