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[InetBib] BookServer des Internet Archives führt Nutzung freier Werke, Buchhandel und Bibliotheksleihe zusammen

Überblick im IBI-Weblog:

"The BookServer is a growing open architecture for vending and lending 
digital books over the Internet. Built on open catalog and open book 
formats, the BookServer model allows a wide network of publishers, 
booksellers, libraries, and even authors to make their catalogs of books 
available directly to readers through their laptops, phones, netbooks, 
or dedicated reading devices. BookServer facilitates pay transactions, 
borrowing books from libraries, and downloading free, publicly 
accessible books.
*Who Benefits?
Authors* find wider distribution for their work.
*Publishers* both big and small can distribute books directly to readers.
*Book sellers* find new and larger audiences for their products.
*Device makers* can offer access to millions of books instantly.
*Libraries* can continue to loan books in the way that patrons expect.
*Readers* get universal access to all knowledge."

Mit vielen Grüßen,
Kathi Woitas


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