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[InetBib] Call for papers IFLA

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
hiermit möchte ich Ihnen einen Call for papers für die nächste 
IFLA-Konferenz in Göteburg (10.-15.8.2010) zur Kenntnis bringen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dorothea Sommer

World Library and Information Congress

76^th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

10-15 August 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden

Theme: Open access to knowledge – promoting sustainable progress

*Call for papers*

The Library Buildings and Equipment Section is holding its Open Session 
in Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 on the theme:

*Inspiring interiors – creating and designing practical and exciting 
library spaces to promote use*

Library design is not just about the exterior envelope but is also about 
exciting, imaginative but always practical interior spaces. The Library 
Buildings & Equipment Section is looking for stimulating papers which 
provide an overview and or input to the debate about successful library 
interior design. Possible topics to address would include the theory of 
interior design as related to libraries and issues such as, for example, 
colour, materials or lighting and their impact on service and usage. 
Issues of accessibility for all and sustainability, in keeping with the 
theme of WLIC 2010, should be integral to the paper. It should be 
stressed that all papers presented at the session in Gothenburg should 
focus on aspects of library buildings and design rather than library 
services or functionality. Joint presentations by librarians and 
architects/interior designers would be particularly welcomed.

The session will open with a keynote presentation followed by three 
shorter presentations on aspects of library interior design.

The following should be provided by 15 January 2010:

- *name and institution* of presenter(s)

- *an abstract of the paper* describing the* *project or research carried

out ( approx 400 words preferably in English)

- *relevant biographical information* of author(s)/presenter(s)

The abstracts will be reviewed and selected by a Review Committee by 
mid-February and authors will be notified by 1^st March 2010. The paper 
can be given at the congress in any of IFLA’s official languages. If a 
paper is selected authors must commit to presenting it in Gothenburg. 
All presenters and their papers will be listed in the final IFLA 
Programme. Therefore presenters must forward the full text of their 
papers no later than 30^th April 2010 to allow time for review and for 
preparation of translations. The time allowed for the presentation will 
be 20- 25 minutes. Papers should be no longer than 20 pages.

Abstracts should be sent to:

*Karen Latimer*

Chair, Library Buildings and Equipment Section

e-mail :k.latimer@xxxxxxxxx

Please note that the expenses of attending the conference in Gothenburg 
will be the responsibility of the authors/presenters of accepted papers.

Dr. Dorothea Sommer
stellv. Direktorin

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
August-Bebel-Str. 13
06098 Halle (Saale)

Tel. 0345/ 55 22 191
Fax  0345/ 55 27 140



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