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[InetBib] E-Book Standards und was unsere Nutzer wünschen

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

im Nachklang zum Leipziger Kongress und als Hinweis für alle deutschen 

Auch international kommt man zu dem Schluß, den die Frankfurter und 
Bayrischen Umfragen zur E-Book Nutzung ermittelt haben:

"Librarians expect significant growth in e-book acquisitions, according 
to HighWire's recent 'eBooks Librarian Survey'.
The survey of 138 librarians from 13 countries was conducted as part of 
HighWire's ongoing exploration of the fast-growing scholarly e-book market.
The survey data was analysed by Michael Newman, Stanford University’s 
head biology librarian. He also concluded that: simplicity and ease of 
use seem more important than sophisticated end-user features and that 
users tend to discover e-books through both the library catalogue and 
search engines. He also observed that users today prefer PDFs but that 
format preference will likely change as technology changes. In addition, 
DRM seems to hinder e-book use for library patrons - the ability to 
print is essential - and the most popular business model for librarians 
is purchase with perpetual access. "

Also bitte: PDF, ausdrucken können, kein DRM, remote access, einfache 
Bedienbarkeit, kein Feature-Firlefanz...

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