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[InetBib] FW: Web Science Summer Academy: Call for Participation - News: Scholarships available - Registration Open

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Subject: Web Science Summer Academy: Call for Participation - News: 
Scholarships available - Registration Open

        Apologies for cross-postings -
Please share with interested master and Ph.D. students

    Web Science Summer Academy - Koblenz 2010
        4 weeks of Web Science
        Learn, Earn credits, Have fun!

        Registration now open!
        Invited talk by Prof. I. Antoniou
The Physics of the Web: The Web as a Complex System 
        Some scholarships available!

Nothing like the Web has ever happened in all of human history. The Web is the 
largest human information construct in history. The scale of its impact and the 
rate of its adoption are unparalleled. If we are to ensure that the Web 
benefits the human race we must do our best to understand it, engineer its 
future and ensure its social benefit. Web Science is the new interdisciplinary 
field targeting these objectives.

The *Web Science Summer Academy* offers a unique combination of 7 courses and 3 
invited talks in Web Science. The courses cover socio-economic as well as 
computer science subjects. All courses award 3 ECTS credits for transfer to 
home institutions upon passing exams or assignments. Courses are held in 
English in a 4 weeks period between June 21 and July 16.

*Join Web Science Summer Academy* and:
* explore interdisciplinary facets of web science.
* earn credit points for your studies at your home institution.
* meet a lot of interesting people.
* have fun enjoying a variety of social events.
* if you want: aquire basic skills in the German language.


*Computer Science Track*
* Semantic Web (Prof. Staab
* Web Retrieval (Dr. Sizov)
* Web Engineering (Prof. Ebert)

*Socio-Economic Track*
* Social Web and Bibliometry (Prof. Sure)
* Agent Based Simulation for a better Understanding of Social Processes on the 
Web (Prof. Troitzsch & Prof. Gilbert)
* System Analysis and Mathematical Modelling (Prof. Chernyshenko)
* Virtual Goods (Prof. Grimm)

*Invited Talks*: Highlights in Web Science (to be confirmed)
* The Web and the Law (tbc)
* Prof. I. Antoniou, The Physics of the Web: The Web as a Complex System
* Data.gov (tbc)

*Participation in Courses*
We recommend participants to register for two or three courses. If you apply 
for three courses (or even more) please consider the amount of work and exams 
you will have to master in a rather limited period of time.

A good command of English is required to successfully participate in the 

Registration fee per course amounts to 175 Euro (late registration: 200 Euro), 
which includes the course materials. Students from Partner Universities of the 
Department of Computer Science of the University of Koblenz-Landau will receive 
fee waivers.

Registration will be open from March 1st.

*Travelling and Accommodation*

Located at the banks of the rivers Rhine and Mosel, at the heart of Europe, and 
with only 1 hour distance to three international airport, Koblenz is easy to 
reach from anywhere.

The Summer Academy offers various accommodations for a low price. You may apply 
for a sponsor-subsidized accommodation. Further Information The Web Science 
Summer Academy is held as part of the Summer Academy of University of 

Please find more details about the (Web Science) Summer Academy on our


University of Koblenz-Landau
Campus Koblenz
Universitätsstrasse 1

56070 Koblenz, Germany
Email: summerac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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