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[InetBib] FYI: What's the Point of... ThePublic Library?

Nächsten Dienstag, den 31.10., gibts auf BBC um 9 und 21:30 Uhr ein
Feature in der Reihe What's the Point of... von Quentin Letts:

The Public Library

Question: Where can you go to reduce your fear of crime, have a
massage, ring a church bell, get some information about council tax,
and engage in some heavy petting without being told off?

Quentin Letts is surprised and sometimes disheartened by the answer; a library.

Of course, you can borrow a book as well, but campaigners argue that -
with some authorities spending less than ten per cent of their library
budgets on books -something has gone very wrong with the way the
service is being managed.

Public Libraries have come a long way since Manchester opened the
first in the 1850s. But where is the service going? Gleaming new
buildings have opened in Newcastle, Whitechapel and Brighton - but
more than 80 other libraries have been closed in the last five years;
an age of public spending cuts surely means more.

Former poet laureate Sir Andrew Motion, campaigner Tim Coates and Arts
minister Edward Vaizey join Quentin Letts as he asks, what's the point
of the public library?

Tue 31 Aug 2010 09:00 BBC Radio 4
Tue 31 Aug 2010 21:30 BBC Radio 4

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Grüße - Silke Ecks


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