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[InetBib] Once again & Zwischenstand "Abbracciamo la Cultura", Naples San Pietro a Majella library

Liebe KollegInnen,

bitte unterstützen Sie die Bibliothek des Conservatorio San Pietro a 
Majella, Neapel, mit Ihrem Votum.
Falls Sie das noch nicht getan haben, können Sie das nur noch bis 
spätestens Montag, den 28, Februar nachholen.
Einzelheiten waren bereits Thema und können auch der angehängten Mail 
entnommen werden.
Stimmen Sie ab auf


Bitte vergessen Sie nicht, vor Ihrem Votum den angezeigten Code 
einzugeben, sonst zählt Ihre Stimme nicht.

Herzlichen Dank!

Jutta Lambrecht
(Dr. phil. non plag.)

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: "Federica Riva"<f.riva@xxxxxxxx>
Gesendet: 26.02.2011 08:45:52
Betreff: [iaml-l] "Abbracciamo la Cultura", Naples San Pietro a Majella 
library: we go higher!]

Friday report

support the neapolitan conservatory music library "San Pietro a
Majella" where IAML held its conference in 2008.

Besides its 150.000 cataloguing record available in the SBN catalogue
[brand new opac at]:http://opac.sbn.it/opacnew/opac/iccu/free.jsp

You may access part of the manuscript collecton through the Biblioteca
Digitale Italiana.

As you access and dowload for free the digital images of manuscript music,
you may want to support the presevation of original manuscripts, prints,
letters, archival documents, portarits, music instruments, music
Risks at present are very high!
Staff without competence in music is working in the library to help one
stand-alone librarian.
No fundings are available for current expenses as acquisitions.
Our collegues Tiziana Grande e Mauro Amato, who organized the IAML
conference in 2008, had to step out in November 2010.

time) =====
You choose the music library (second place in the list), validating your
vote with the password shown by the system and clicking on the red button
'VOTA' just at the end of the list.

You start from here:

You may want to recruit other people via Facebook:

Votes bring the music library from 2% on Monday; to 4,8% on Wednesday
night; to 5,3 % on Thursday night; to 5,8 % on Friday morning (early); to
6,6% on Saturday morning

Jutta Lambrecht announced on Ven, Frebruary 25, 2011 09:36: that the music
library  is now at the fourth palce (on Monday it was at the 10th).

=======  FURTHER OUTCOMES ======
IAML-Italia will forward the final result of this survey - with all the
names of those who send messages to me - to the Ministero dell'Università
with our requests for the library in Naples. Your vote give us strengh in
this context.   Please, vote and write WHY this library is helpful to you!
Thank You.

You may check results at (send info to me if you do it, thanks):

Thanks to all those who sent individual support messages (in reverse
cronological order):

==== On Friday, February, 25th ===

28.Breitkopf&  Haertel, Wiesbaden, Germany, who underlines the importance
of this library for musicological research worldwide.

27. David Day, Brigham Young University, US
26. Rolando Delgado Miranda, who announced "4 place, 6.6% greated job
[enviado desde mi móvil BlackBerry Orange]" from his cell phone.

25. Christina Hasenau, Goethe-Institut Italien who explained the
initiative to german collegue of Internet in Bibliotheken.

==== On Thursday Febraury, 24th ====

24. Jutta Lambrecht, Vice-president IAML, Koeln, who forwarded the message
translated into german to four national lists: the german IAML
group, "Internet in Bibliotheken", "Freien musikwissenschaftlichen
Forschungsinstitute" (Gesamtausgaben u.ä.), "Musik und Gender" Goup of the
Gesellschaft für Musikforschung.

23. Judy Tsou, Washington, US, who underlines the importance of this
library for those who tech history of opera.
22. Nacho Cano, Instituto National de Artes Escénicas Y Musica, Spain 21.
Gócza Julianna
20. Philip Gossett (Chicago, US), who forward the message to the American
Musicological Society list

==== On Wednesaday, February 23 ====

19. Eleanor Selfridge-Field", Stadnford, USA

18. "De Jongh, MS, Mej", Dockumenasiesentrum vir Musiek, Documentation
centre for music. Musiekbiblioteek- Music Library.  Departement Musiek -
Department of Music - Matieland, Suid-Afrika - South Africa

17.Jorge García García, Spain, who forwarded to the spanish group of IAML

16. Eeckeloo, Johan, Brussel - Bruxelles, who forward the message to the
local IAML-list, the OKBV-list, to many personal friends.

15. "Marie Cornaz", Head music collections, Bibliothèque royale de
Belgique - Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België, Section de la Musique -
Muziekafdeling,  Bruxelles - Brussel, Belgique - België

==== On Tuesday, February 22 ====

14. Jon Bagüés Erriondo, Spagna, Vice president IAML
13. Pia Schekhter, Goetheborg, Secretary general IAML
12. Berit Holth, National library, Norvegia
11. Maria Calderisi Bryce, Ottawa, Canada
10. Mari Itoh, Aichi Shukutoku Univ. Nagoya, Japan
9. Corinne Brun, Paris a special thanks for forwarding to the french list

(mos. 14-12 through Facebook).

==== On Monday, February 21 =====

8. Per G. L. Ahlander, MSc BA Organist MA PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Celtic
&  Scottish Studies, School of Literatures, Langues&  Cultures,University
of Edinburgh.
7. Gert Floor, NVMB, The Netherlands
6. Thomas Heck, USA
5. Micheal Fingerhut, IRCAM, Paris
4. Pierluigi Petrobelli, Director fo Istituto Nazionale di Studi verdiani,
3. Philip Gossett, Chicago, USA
2.Gabriele Rossi Rognoni, Curator of Music Instrument Museum in Florence.
1. Merike Vaitmaa, Musicologist, Associate Professor of the EAMT (Estonian
Academy of Music and Theatre), Tallinn


The survey is promoted by the local newspaper 'Corriere del Mezzogiorno'
(= 'South Courier')
Survey's title: "Abbracciamo la cultura" (= 'We embrace Culture')
Scope: to find a monument which will be fisically embraced by people as
event to underline the need of care.

The association who promotes this and similar events in Italy (Also the
colosseum in Rome was embraced, as the logo shows to you.

If you want see go to "Abbracciamo la cultura"

where ppt file is hosted:

  "I numeri dei Beni Culturali" = "the numbers of Cultural Heritage"

41 slides anlysing how much the Italian state spend to support its
Cultural Heritage in a broed sense, from architecture to libraries and

===== the end =====


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.