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[InetBib] CfP CULTURAL HERITAGE in CLEF (CHiC 2011) - To be held as part of CLEF2011, September 20th, Amsterdam

* 1st Call for Participation and Statements Submission *

** Apologies for Cross Postings **

CULTURAL HERITAGE in CLEF (CHiC 2011):              
"From Use Cases to Evaluation in Practice for Multilingual Information
Access to Cultural Heritage"


To be held as part of CLEF2011, September 20th, Amsterdam

Information systems that access Cultural Heritage (CH) deal with effective 
information access to cultural heritage material held in large-scale digital 
libraries containing data from libraries, archives, museums, and audio-visual 
archives. However, access to these objects still poses several challenges 
related to the heterogeneous media types (texts, audio or video files) and user 
groups (novice and expert users), often with specialized information needs. 
Objects are provided by meta data, usually in their national language and with 
specified technical vocabularies suited for their particular domains. 

Previous research has focused on the satisfaction of user information needs by 
retrieving relevant “cultural assets” irrespective of the media type, location 
or language in which information objects are expressed. Despite digital 
libraries are constantly growing and much research is carried out in the field, 
much less is done to establish standard evaluation criteria and methods. 

The CHiC2011 – Cultural Heritage in CLEF: From Use Cases to Evaluation in 
Practice for Multilingual Information Access to Cultural Heritage workshop at 
CLEF 2011 will start to investigate these issues by surveying evaluation 
efforts in the cultural heritage field as well as defining user scenarios and 
identifying possible relevant metrics.
The workshop provides an overview of previous or current evaluation activities 
and seeks to introduce an exchange about future efforts that needs to be 
addressed in the CH field.  

Invited talks will address use cases, evaluation approaches, and best practices 
from an institutional point of view as well as the experiences from large-scale 
evaluation campaigns such as CLEF, TREC or INEX . Participants are encouraged 
to include short statements and participate in the discussions concerning 
complementary efforts, projects, initiatives and available test data. 
Based on the speakers input and group discussions the second part of the 
workshop aims to identify possible synergies between evaluation frameworks 
within CH projects and campaigns as well as the development of use cases and 
usage scenarios that can be applied to CH information systems and evaluation 

Keynote Speakers
* Jaap Kamps <http://staff.science.uva.nl/%7Ekamps/> is an Assistant 
Professor of Information Retrieval at the Faculty of Humanities, 
University of Amsterdam. He is involved in several externally funded 
research projects such as MuSeUM (Multiple-collection Searching Using 
Metadata) and MultiMATCH (Multilingual/Multimedia Access To Cultural 

* Johan Oomen <http://www.linkedin.com/in/johanoomen> is head of the
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision R&D Department and 
researcher at the Web and Media group of the Vrije Universiteit 
Amsterdam. His research focus on providing access to digital heritage
on the Web such as Europeana V1.0 or PrestoPRIME.

* Christos Papatheodorou <http://www.ionio.gr/%7Epapatheodor/> is an
Associate Professor at the Department of Archives and Library 
Sciences, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece and a fellow researcher in
the Digital Curation Unit, Institute for the Management of 
Information Systems, "Athena" Research Centre, Athens, Greece. He was
the general co-chair of the 13th ECDL and organized the tutorial 
"Exploring Perspectives on the Evaluation of Digital Libraries".

Workshop Format
Full day workshop (4 hours) devided into two sessions. 

The first session includes three invited talks, followed by interactive 

For the second part of the workshop participants are asked to contribute 
statements (5 minutes slots) and work together with the keynote speakers and 
organizers on possible evaluation tasks.

To submit a statement proposal, please send an e-mail by *15th JULY 2011* to 
the Organizers discussing the topic you would like to address and/or the issue 
you would like to raise.

Since we have limited time, statement proposals will be selected on the basis 
of their relevance to the workshop and their possiblity to contribute at 
shaping an actual evaluation task.

* Nicola Ferro (University of Padova, Italy, ferro@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
* Maria Gaede (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany, 
* Monica Paramita (University of Sheffield, UK, m.paramita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Maria Gäde
Researcher EuropeanaConnect
Berlin School of Library and Information Science
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Dorotheenstr. 26, 10117 Berlin

phone: +49 30 2093 4453

maria.gaede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:maria.gaede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
www.ibi.hu-berlin.de <http://www.ibi.hu-berlin.de>


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