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[InetBib] International UDC Seminar 2011 - 19-20 September, The Hague

für Interessenten an dieser Tagung weitergeleitet (s.u.),

Peter Ohly

International UDC Seminar 2011 - 19-20 September, The Hague, Netherlands
VENUE: Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands)
FEE: €200 (registration closes on 15 September)

The conference fee includes the conference proceedings book
(published by Ergon Verlag), refreshments, reception and two lunches.

To secure your place at this event please register online at

The conference keynote speaker is Professor Patrick Hayes, one of the keyplayers
in the Semantic Web initiative and the development of RDF, OWL and
SPARQL. His talk
entitled "On being the same" will remind us of some oddities and internal
inconsistencies in data found on the Web, as the Semantic web starts to take
shape with the rise
of linked data.

Following the keynote address we will hear a selection of speakers from the
domains of web technology, ontology, knowledge organization and bibliographic
classification, including Dan Brickley, Guus Schreiber, Thomas Baker, Dagobert
Soergel, Roberto Poli, Ingetraut Dahlberg, Barbara Kwasnik, RebeccaGreen,
Michael Panzer, Marcia Zeng, Daniel Kless, Joan Mitchell, Richard Smiraglia,
Vanda Broughton, Devika Madalli, Claudio Gnoli and more.

The preliminary programme with abstracts and speakers biographies is available
at http://seminar.udcc.org/2011/programme.htm.

The International UDC Seminar 2011 is followed by DC-2011 - 11th International
Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications
"Metadata Harmonization: Bridging Languages and Description", 21-23 September -
see http://dcevents.dublincore.org/index.php/IntConf/dc-2011



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