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[InetBib] EU-Forschungsprojekt IMPACT: Abschlusskonferenz 24./25. Oktober, London

**** Mehrfachempfang bitten wir zu entschuldigen ****

Sehr geehrte Listenmitglieder, 

darf ich Sie auf im Namen der Veranstalter auf folgende englischsprachige 
Veranstaltung im Rahmen des EU-Forschungsprojekts IMPACT 
(http://www.impact-project.eu) hinweisen?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Mark-Oliver Fischer


With this email we would like to invite you to the final conference of
the IMPACT project, "Digitisation & OCR: Better, faster, cheaper.
Solutions of the IMPACT Centre of Competence and future challenges" that
will take place on 24-25 October 2011 at the British Library in London.
At this conference IMPACT will present the final project results, along
with related research in the field of OCR and language technology. 


This event will also mark the official launch of the IMPACT Centre of
Competence. This Centre is focused on making digitisation of historical
printed text in Europe better, faster, cheaper by sharing expertise and
providing access to tools for all parts of the digitisation workflow, as
well as tools, services and facilities for further advancement of the
State of the Art in this field.


The programme for the conference is now online on the conference webpage
<http://www.impact-project.eu/news/ic2011/> , highlights include:


*         Khalil Rouhana (European Commission - Director for digital
content and cognitive systems in DG Information Society and Media): "The
EC Digital Agenda and official launch of the IMPACT Centre of

*         Michael Fuchs (ABBYY Europe): "ABBYY FineReader: IMPACT

*         Paul Fogel (California Digital Library): "Experiences in mass
digitisation: examining OCR quality" 

*         Clemens Neudecker (National library of the Netherlands): "The
IMPACT Framework and what you can do with it"

*         Asaf Tzadok (IBM Haifa Research Lab): "IBM Adaptive OCR engine
and CONCERT Cooperative Correction"

*         Majlis Bremer-Laamanen (National Library of Finland):
"Crowdsourcing for OCR correction: Experiences with Digitalkoot"

*         Katrien Depuydt (INL ) and Klaus Schulz (University of
Munich): "Language work in IMPACT"

*         Stephen Krauwer (CLARIN coordinator, University of Utrecht):
"Related language work in CLARIN"

*         Parallel sessions on State of the art research tools for
document analysis and OCR, IMPACT language tools & resources and
Digitisation tips (Meet the expert).


More programme updates will be announced through 
http://www.impact-project.eu/news/ic2011/conference-programme/ and
Twitter (hashtag: #impactconf2011). Registration is now possible at the
regular fee of 120 GBP. To register, please go to this BL ticket website
val=25385>  and click October.

Mark-Oliver Fischer, M.A.
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Digitale Bibliothek / Münchner DigitalisierungsZentrum
Ludwigstrasse 16
80539 München
+49 (0)89/28638-2295


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