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[InetBib] Call for Participation: International Workshop on Semantic Digital, Archives

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Call for Participation:

SDA 2011 - International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives
29th September 2011
Berlin, Germany

The international Semantic Digital Archives Workshop is collocated with 
the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries 

Online registration ends today:

Afterwards, you can still register on-site.

The SDA 2011 offers an exciting research program which includes:

A keynote presentation which will be given by Winfried Bergmeyer. He 
will present the emulation framework developed within the pan-european 
project KEEP.
For more information see also 

Accepted Papers:
* Semantic Extension of a Hierarchical Storage Management System for 
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
by Ronny Fritzsche, Axel Schroeder, Sandro Schmidt, Annett Mitschick and 
Klaus Meissner
* Semantic Exploration of Archived Product Lifecycle Metadata under 
Schema and Instance Evolution
by Joerg Brunsmann
* Towards a Semantic Data Library for the Social Sciences
by Thomas Gottron, Christian Hachenberg, Andreas Harth and Benjamin Zapilko
* Extending the Digital Archives of Italian Psychology With Semantic Data
by Claudio Cortese and Glauco Mantegari
* EAC-CPF Ontology and Linked Archival Data
by Silvia Mazzini and Francesca Ricci
* Conversion of EAD into EDM Linked Data
by Steffen Hennicke, Viktor De Boer, Antoine Isaac, Marlies Olensky and 
Jan Wielemaker
* Introducing Semlib project: semantic web tools for digital libraries
by Christian Morbidoni, Marco Grassi, Michele Nucci, Simone Fonda and 
Giovanni Ledda
* Concepts and Collections: A case study using objects from the Brooklyn 
by Tim Wray and Peter Eklund
* LOHAI: Providing a baseline for KOS based automatic indexing
by Kai Eckert
* RDFa as a lightweight metadata interoperability layer between 
repository software and LOCKSS
by Felix Ostrowski
* A Security Contextualisation Framework for Digital Long-Term Preservation
by Kun Qian, Maik Schott, Christian Kraetzer, Matthias Hemmje, Holger 
Brocks and Jana Dittmann
* DA-NRW: A distributed architecture for long term preservation
by Manfred Thaller, Sebastian Cuy, Jens Peters, Daniel De Oliveira and 
Martin Fischer
* Publishing Europe’s Television Heritage on the Web
by Johan Oomen and Vassilis Tzouvaras

There will be plenty opportunities for fruitful discussions.

Workshop Location:
Berlin, Germany, for more details see also

Aims & Topics of Interest:
The Semantic Digital Archives Workshop aims at promoting and discussing 
sophisticated knowledge representation and knowledge management 
solutions specifically designed for improving Archival Information Systems.

This full day workshop is an exciting opportunity for collaboration and 
cross-fertilization between the Digital Libraries, the Digital Archives 
and the Semantic Web community. It specifically encourages closer 
dialogue between the technical oriented communities and researchers from 
the (digital) humanities and social sciences as well as cultural 
heritage institutions.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- ontologies and linked data for digital archives and digital libraries, 
e.g. semantic extensions of common knowledge models of the digital 
archiving and digital libraries domain, e.g. METS, EAD, PREMIS, ...
- ontologies and (semantic) web services implementing the OAIS standard
- theoretical and practical archiving frameworks extending or replacing 
the OAIS standard
- logical theories for digital archives
- implementations and evaluations of digital archives
- semantic or logical provenance models for digital archives or digital 
- semantic or logical provenance models for specific archiving domains 
like e.g. web archiving or software archiving
- information integration/semantic ingest (e.g. from digital libraries 
into digital archives)
- trust for ingest and data security/integrity check for long-term 
storage of archival records
- semantic search and semantic information retrieval in digital archives 
and digital libraries
- visualization and exploration of digital content (stored or to be 
stored in a digital archive)
- emulation/virtualization methodologies tailored for digital archives 
and semantic extensions
- migration strategies based on semantic (web) technologies
- semantic long-term storage and hardware organization tailored for 
Archival Information Systems
- (empirical) studies evaluating end-user needs and its evolution as 
well as information seeking behaviour of end-user needs and its evolution
- knowledge evolution
- web archiving

Program Committee:
Available at http://sda2011.dke-research.de/index.php/committees

Workshop Chairs:
* Livia Predoiu, University of Magdeburg, Germany
* Steffen Hennicke, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany
* Andreas Nuernberger, University of Magdeburg, Germany
* Annett Mitschick, University of Dresden, Germany
* Seamus Ross, University of Toronto, Canada


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