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[InetBib] Internationale Umfrage zu RFID in Bibliotheken: 2012 Library RFID Survey

Liebe KollegInnen,

wie schon auf der knb-Seite vermeldet wurde, laeuft bis naechste Woche Dienstag 
(31. Januar) eine international ausgerichtete, englischsprachige online-Umfrage 
zu RFID und Bibliotheken, erstmals mit diesem globalen Anspruch der 
Bestandserfassung. Vielleicht haben Sie Lust, und geben sich die ca. 30 Minuten 
zum Ausfüllen der knapp 50 Fragen!
Die Auswertung wird im kommenden Monat online zugaenglich gemacht werden. 
Ich reiche den letzten Aufruf von einem, der Organisatoren der Umfrage, einfach 
weiter, in der Hoffnung, dass sich von deutscher Seite der/die eine oder andere 
noch dazu entschliesst, Antworten zu geben.
Mit besten Gruessen und grossem Dank, Frank Seeliger

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Betreff: [RFID_LIB] 2012 Library RFID Survey

Dear Colleagues (especially those in the USA)
(apologies for cross posting)

There are now just 5 days left to complete the 2012 Use of RFID in the library 
survey. I’m delighted to have received so many replies and so much support from 
organisations around the world.

Links to the survey have been posted on sites in Germany, the UK, Australia, 
New Zealand, Egypt and even by IFLA ( 
http://www.ifla.org/en/news/2012-rfid-survey ).
Almost 400 libraries worldwide have answered the call - but sadly only 30 of 
them are in the USA despite promotion by NISO’s director Todd Carpenter and 
library guru Marshall Breeding (thank you both), not to mention the sterling 
efforts of Lori Ayre – one of the survey’s co-promoters.
It is already very clear to me that the survey isn’t perfect! It was designed 
by someone more familiar with how the technology has been implemented in Europe 
- and from the replies I have already received it is apparent that different 
markets have different ideas about how best to use it. So please forgive any 
questions that don’t apply to you, and tell me (as many already have) how to 
improve the survey for next time.

RFID has been used for self-service and security for many years now but things 
are changing rapidly – with mobile devices, smartcards and even library 
furniture becoming part of RFID world. If we are going to be able to make sense 
of the changes – and manage them effectively – it will help us all to know 
what’s going on globally. That’s the reason for the survey. Please consider 
completing it – or if you already have – pass this message on to your 
Follow this link for more information and a link to the survey - 
or this one to jump straight in.. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RFID2012

Thanks for your time and effort!


Mick Fortune
Library RFID Ltd

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