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[InetBib] Fwd: CFP: ISKO-Maghreb2012 (Nov. 3rd – 4th , 2012, Algiers - Algeria)

Dear Listmembers,

enclosed a Call for Papers that I am forwarding.

Maybe the theme and location is of interest for you.

Best regards,

Peter Ohly

(ISKO President)

-------- Original-Nachricht --------

2nd. International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb



 Concepts and Tools for Knowledge Management (KM)

 November 3d. – 4th. , 2012 in Algiers (Algeria)

Web Site:  www.isko-maghreb.org


Important Dates:

- Papers due (deadline): September 14 th., 2012
- Notification of acceptance: September 28 th., 2012
- Final paper & Camera-ready due: October 5 th., 2012
- Registration for authors (deadline): October 12 th., 2012
- Symposium ISKO-Maghreb’2012 in Algiers: November 3 d. – 4 th., 2012
- Best papers: November 4 th., 2012

Description :

The governance of knowledge seems to be the Scientific Policy most
able to creating value with regard of human and its evolution in
cultures and civilizations.
The duty of good governance is a consideration of the transfer of
knowledge related to scientific and technological progress.
Intrinsically, this process requires a system of organization and
knowledge management by implementing knowledge production and its
influence in society.

The objective of the ISKO-Maghreb Chapter is to contribute in
understanding the factors that organize knowledge and phenomena that
affect the information society.
Actions to be undertaken by the scientific ISKO society must take into
account socio-cultural, cognitive and economic in the strategic
management of knowledge.
Towards the knowledge society, it should be seen in its dynamic, its
content and its interaction with science and technology associated to
universities, companies and politics.

In this context, a first orientation is pedagogical attempt to answer
the question "what is known about the knowledge and its
Then the issue is moving towards the societal issues of knowledge,
theory and practice, to provide clarification to a convergence of KM
(Knowledge Management) approaches.
Education, science, culture, communication and technology remain the
major themes covered by ISKO-Maghreb, for the development of the
knowledge organization, expertise management and collective

In a friendly atmosphere, hospitality and open to exchange, the
international symposium ISKO-Maghreb'2012 organized by LOGE (Algeria)
was thought to enhance the Scientific Society "ISKO" with the
universities, the practitioners in the Maghreb countries and the

Program days:

1 – Plenary Lectures:

November 3d. and 4th. (AM. and PM.): a plenary lecture by a half-day
by guest speakers who are experts in their field.
The objective is to present a current theme that concerns the
scientific ISKO society.

2 – Parallèles thematic sessions:

November 3d. (PM.) and November 4th. (Am and PM.): twelve sessions of
oral presentations of the best research selected by the scientific
After each plenary session, three parallel sessions are scheduled.

3 – General Meeting of the chapter ISKO-Maghreb:

November 3d. (PM.): (i) Board meeting, Board Directors and members of
the Chapter ISKO-Maghreb.
(ii) Opening to new membership in ISKO-Maghreb and establishment of
Maghreb working groups. (iii) Future Symposium ISKO-Maghreb.


1- Digital Document
  a. Effects of dematerialization: the digital for the knowledge and expertise
  b. Communication and media convergence in the knowledge industry

2- Information and Communication Technologies
  a. Communication networks and electronic documents
  b. e-Business and Business Platforms for Digital Publishing

3- e-Learning and Virtual Libraries
  a. Spaces of information for distance teaching and learning platforms
  b. Virtual libraries, resource mapping, and multimedia for teaching

4- Informational and technological watch
  a. Concepts, processes and actions in the watch and collaborative technology
  b. e-Watch, identification of sources and development of resources

5- Collective Intelligence and Media
  a. Media and measures of the collective performance in the knowledge economy
  b. Management of collective intelligence and knowledge communitarization

6- Digitalization, Archives and Management of Cultural Patrimony
  a. Digital storage, archives and knowledge management (KM)
  b. Collaborative business and media issues in patrimony management

7- Knowledge representation and Semantic Web
  a. Models of knowledge representation
  b. From Knowledge to Semantic Web: Approaches, Issues and Perspectives

8- Knowledge Management (KM) in the Internet Challenges
  a. Innovation Management Models
  b. Competitive Case Studies of KM
  c. Management, Business Transfers and perspectives, and Professionals

Presidents :

–  Sahbi SIDHOM (President ISKO-Maghreb, LORIA & Université de Lorraine, France)

–  Malek GHENIMA (Vice-president ISKO-Maghreb, ESCT & Université de la
Manouba, Tunisia)

–  Sofiane SAADI (ISKO-Maghreb, NT2S Consulting Inc. - Vancouver,
Canada & Cabinet LOGE, Algeria)


Language & Communication in Symposium:

–      All papers must be written in English or in French.

–      All video presentations (PowerPoint) must be written in English.

–      Oral presentations and discussions are permitted in English
and/or in French.

Conference Venue:

–      Hotel [ El-Aurassi ] in Algiers (Algeria), URL [
http://www.el-aurassi.com/ ]

at :
–      2  kms Center town Algiers
–      18   kms from the international airport of Algiers.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
With kind regards,
Sincères salutations,

H. Peter OHLY


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