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[InetBib] OpenAIRE Press Release - Large-scale deposit in repositories increases access and use

*** Apologies for cross-posting ***

The European OpenAIRE initiative held on the 11 June the first workshop 
in a series related to "research data linked to publications" in 
conjunction with the Nordbib Conference in Copenhagen. The workshop 
covered research data policies; implementation from institutional and 
funder perspectives, and cross-linking from publications to associated 
data sets.

OpenAIRE took this opportunity to agree on a joint statement responding 
to the results of the recently finalized European PEER project. The 
statement is supported by UK RepositoryNet.

*- Large-scale deposit in repositories increases access and use - *

OpenAIRE, a European initiative co-funded by the European Commission 
(EC), welcomes the results of the PEER project, presented on the 29 May 
in Brussels. Publishers, research libraries and research organisations 
effectively collaborated in building a controlled research environment 
to study the effects of green open access. Usage research in this 
so-called "PEER Observatory" revealed that large-scale deposit of 
research articles results in increased access and use, including via the 
publisher website.

Norbert Lossau, Scientific Coordinator of OpenAIRE and member of the 
PEER Executive, pointed out that "the economic research of the PEER 
project could not find any evidence for the hypothesis that 
self-archiving affects journal viability". He called upon publishers, 
libraries and repositories to re-use the PEER-infrastructure for 
large-scale publisher-/library-assisted deposit of research articles: 
"Re-using the PEER infrastructure and stepping up the transition from 
subscription to gold open access journals will provide comfortable ways 
for researchers to comply with the important open access mandate of the 
European Commission which we expect to be expanded in Horizon 2020".

OpenAIRE builds up a Pan-European publication Infrastructure, bringing 
together 33 European countries to provide open access to European 
research results. It collects publications resulting from EC-funded 
projects with the aim of improving the visibility of European research, 
and supports the EC's Open Access Pilot. Future services deployed by 
OpenAIRE will include the support of statistics and the creation of 
complex publications linking from articles to research data. OpenAIRE 
collaborates with publishers, repositories and data providers in order 
to enable seamless integration of European research into global 
knowledge infrastructures.


Birgit Schmidt, OpenAIRE Scientific Manager, bschmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Najla Rettberg, OpenAIREplus Scientific Manager, 

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