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[InetBib] FW: Europeana Newspapers

From: Julia Brungs
Sent: maandag 18 juni 2012 15:49
Subject: Europeana Newspapers

Dear all,

The Europeana Newspapers project (http://www.europeana-newspapers.eu/) is 
undertaking a survey of available digitised newspapers in Europe, aimed at 
institutions that are *not currently* part of the project. The survey has three 

1) To get a clear idea of the extent of newspaper digitisation within Europe
2) To record the relevant metadata in the Berlin State Library's Catalogue of 
Serials (http://www.zeitschriftendatenbank.de/) and as part of the central 
index of newspapers being created by The European Library 
3) To help locate 10 additional partners to join the project

We would very much like to hear from institutions with newspaper collections in 
Europe. The survey consists of 13 short questions and should hopefully be 
straightforward to complete. It is available at 

We would appreciate responses to the survey by July 31st. We will then follow 
this up with discussions about importing the relevant metadata so we can expose 
this via the channels mentioned in point 2 above.

Many thanks!


Julia Brungs
The European Library
Content Development and
User Engagement Officer
Tel.: +31(0)703140697
Skype: julia.brungs


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