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[InetBib] Copernicus Publications: First Open Access Publisher Visible on OpenAIRE

  Copernicus Publications: First Open Access Publisher Visible on OpenAIRE

Thursday, 28 June 2012. "We are delighted to announce the integration of 
the first open access publisher into OpenAIRE. Renowned open access 
publishers such as Copernicus Publications offer a great service to 
authors and significantly contribute to the uptake of the European 
Commission's Open Access Pilot" says Norbert Lossau, Scientific 
Coordinator of OpenAIRE, an initiative co-funded by the European 
Commission (EC).

"Making European research results highly visible is at the core of our 
mission and we do our best to support authors in achieving this through 
high-quality open access publishing", adds Martin Rasmussen, Managing 
Director of Copernicus Publications.

Copernicus and OpenAIRE have worked together to identify publications 
resulting from EC-funded projects. As a result, well over 400 
publications have now been imported to the journals' and OpenAIRE's 
databases and will regularly be updated. Moreover, on submitting 
articles, authors can easily acknowledge EC-funding and will be alerted 
about the opportunity to use project funds for article processing charges.

OpenAIRE builds up a Pan-European publication Infrastructure, bringing 
together 33 European countries to provide open access to European 
research results. It regularly harvests information from an increasing 
number of open access repositories and journals, and in the near future, 
from data archives. Further services deployed by OpenAIRE will support 
statistics and the creation of complex publications linking from 
articles to research data.

In Horizon 2020, the forthcoming research and innovation framework 
programme of the European Commission, it is expected that open access 
will play an even more prominent role. A soon to be released 
Recommendation to Member States will spell out what is needed to improve 
access, management and preservation of scientific publications and data.

OpenAIRE therefore encourages publishers to support authors in open 
access publishing and dissemination, alert them about the availability 
of publication funds, allow immediate deposition in open access 
repositories and -- last but not least -- to register their journals at 
the OpenAIRE website. This suitably places publishers within research 
infrastructures which in turn allowing the seamless integration of 
European and world-wide research.


*More Information*

OpenAIRE http://www.openaire.eu <http://www.openaire.eu/>

Copernicus Publications http://www.copernicus.org/


Dr Birgit Schmidt, Goettingen State and University Library, 
bschmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bschmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Martin Rasmussen, Copernicus Publications, 
martin.rasmussen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:martin.rasmussen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dr. Birgit Schmidt
Scientific Manager

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