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[InetBib] Digital Preservation Awards

The Digital Preservation Awards celebrate the excellence and innovation
that will help to ensure our digital memory is available tomorrow. It was
first awarded in 2004 as one of the Conservation Awards and it has been
presented on four occasions (2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010).  2012 is the 10th
anniversary of the foundation of the DPC. To mark this occasion, and in
recognition of the increasing diversity of digital preservation research
and activity, DPC will offer four separate prizes in 2012

*DPC Decennial Award for an outstanding contribution to digital preservation
*DPC Award for Research and Development in Digital Preservation
*DPC Award for Teaching and Communicating Digital Preservation
*DPC / OPF Digital Preservation Challenge

This is the second call for nominations which are due for submission by
1200 on Friday 17th August. The judging panel is now also able to confirm
the following dates associated with the awards which prospective
applicants may wish to put in their diaries:

*Wednesday 1st August - Final Call for nominations
*Friday 17th August - Nominations Close
*Monday 8th October - Shortlist Announced, Palace of Westminster, London
*Tuesday 13th November - Shortlisted Candidates present to Judging Panel,
*Monday 3rd December - Winner announced, Wellcome Trust, London

For more information including an application pack, see the Digital
Preservation Awards online at: http://www.dpconline.org/advocacy/awards

Details will follow of the Digital Preservation Challenge.

Dr William Kilbride FSA
Executive Director
Digital Preservation Coalition

44 (0)141 330 4522

Dr. Christoph Bruch
Neue Christstr. 6
D-14059 Berlin


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