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[InetBib] APARSEN newsletter

Dear colleagues


the APARSEN project is sending you information about our newsletter because
we believe that you are interested in the latest developments and research
in digital preservation.

The newsletter will be produced periodically to keep you updated; the first
is available here

We hope you will find this informative and that you will interact with our
project, which involves a very broad set of organisations from academia,
research laboratories, major national libraries, national membership
organisations and industry. We seek to develop a common vision for the
research agenda for digital preservation and to create a Virtual Centre of
Excellence in digital preservation. Please register on our website
<http://www.aparsen.eu>  and join us.

Regards from the APARSEN team




Christoph Bruch

Helmholtz Association

Helmholtz Open Access Coordination Office

W: http://oa.helmholtz.de

P: +49 (0)471 - 48 31 23 25





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