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[InetBib] Erinnerung: SWIB12 - Semantic Web in Libraries

Für alle, die eine Teilnahme an der SWIB12 Konferenz (Semantic Web in
Libraries, Köln 26.-28.11.) überlegen:

Bitte registrieren Sie sich vor dem 19.11. auf http://swib.org/swib12.
Und bitte bringen Sie einen Zahlungsbeleg zur Konferenz mit, wenn es mit
der Verbuchung der Überweisung knapp werden könnte.

Towards an international LOD library ecosystem

To an ever increasing extent Linked Open Data (LOD) is developing into
a mainstream topic, with more and more organizations announcing LOD
projects and services. Furthermore, and especially during the last two
years, Linked Open Data has received a lot more attention from the
library world. Examples ranging from the Library of Congress' initiative
"A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age", the Conference of
European National Librarians and their vote to support the open
licensing of their data, groups like LODLAM, IFLA'S Semantic Web Special
Interest Group, to the point of library system vendors and providers
discussing and experimenting with Linked Data technology - all these
clearly reflect that LOD has gained a lot of momentum in library land.

The question today is about how to ensure that LOD won't be a temporary
hype but that it will gain ground in the scenery of future
infrastructures. SWIB12 will focus on the adaption of Semantic Web
approaches in applications for libraries and science. In the last years
major efforts have been put into generating LOD datasets from legacy
systems and into promoting the LOD approach towards a global and open
information space. Upcoming challenges will involve the strategic and
technical alignment of catalogues and legacy systems in libraries and
the authoring environments for scholarly communication - both in a data
and service infrastructure based on the principles of the Semantic Web.

Full programme at http://swib.org/swib12/programme.php

Offical Twitter Hashtag:

Further information and contact:

Adrian Pohl
North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Center (hbz)
Phone +49 221 400 75-235
E-Mail: swib(at)hbz-nrw.de

Joachim Neubert
German National Library of Economics
Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW)
Phone +49 40 428 34-462
E-Mail: j.neubert(at) zbw.eu

Wir freuen uns drauf, Sie in Köln zu treffen - Adrian Pohl & Joachim


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