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[InetBib] CFP: Classification and Visualization: Interfaces to Knowledge - The Hague, 24-25 October 2013

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Hiermit möchte ich Sie auf das  nächste  „International UDC Seminar 2013“  
aufmerksam machen.

Bitte leiten Sie diesen CFP auch an einschlägige Gremien und interessierte 
Einzelpersonen weiter: http://seminar.udcc.org/2013/.

Vielen Dank

Jiri Pika


Dear colleagues

  ====  CALL FOR PAPERS ====


International UDC Seminar 2013

VENUE:     The Hague, National Library of the Netherlands

DATE:         24-25 October 2013

WEBSITE: http://seminar.udcc.org/2013/

CONTACT: seminar2013@xxxxxxxx<mailto:seminar2013@xxxxxxxx>

The objective of this conference is to explore cutting edge advances and 
techniques in the visualization of knowledge across various fields of 
application and their potential impact on developments in the more main stream 
bibliographic and documentary classifications.

We invite overviews, illustrations and analysis of approaches to and models of 
the visualization of knowledge that can help advance the application of 
documentary and bibliographic classifications in information and knowledge 
discovery. We welcome high quality, innovative research contributions from 
various fields of application including:

- visualization of knowledge orders (e.g. scientific taxonomies, Wikipedia)

- visualization of collection content, large datasets

- visualization of knowledge classifications for the purpose of managing the 
classifications and working with them

- visualization of knowledge to support interactive searching, user browsing 
behaviour (IR) and classification as an aid to information navigation

Specific topics may include:

1. Issues and challenges in visualization of conceptual structures and 
knowledge in general, e.g. development of knowledge over time, shift in 
knowledge structures (dynamic knowledge), interactions between knowledge 
structures, socio-cultural issues, technical challenges (incl. animation, 

2. Knowledge visualization models and metaphors: theory, methods, overviews, 

3. Visualization of classification in: information searching and browsing (e.g. 
search expansion, result display); visualization of knowledge in relation to 
user information needs

4. Presentation and visualization related to specific types of knowledge 
classification structure (e.g. faceted and enumerative hierarchies, 
polyhierarchical and/or aspect classifications etc.)

5. Classification as an aid in presenting and navigating large datasets, or 
providing an overview of collection content for resource discovery or 
management purposes

6. Visualization as an aid to cross-collection, cross-language, 
cross-vocabulary knowledge browsing

7. Relationships between classification data formats and classification 

We invite two kinds of contributions: conference papers and posters. Paper 
proposals should be submitted in the form of an extended abstract (1000-1200 
words including references for papers and 500-600 words for posters). A 
submission form is provided on the conference website.

Conference proceedings will be published by Ergon Verlag and will be 
distributed at the conference.

15 Jan 2013    Paper proposal submission deadline

                  15 Feb 2013    Notification of acceptance

                  15 Apr 2013    Paper submission

ORGANIZER: Classification & Visualization is the fourth biennial conference in 
a series of International UDC Seminars organized by the UDC Consortium (UDCC) 
and hosted by Koninklijke Bibliotheek (The National Library of Netherlands). 
UDCC is a not-for-profit organization, based in The Hague, established to 
maintain and distribute the Universal Decimal Classification and to support its 
use and development.

ETH Zuerich, Dr. Jiri Pika, ETH-Bibliothek, Fachreferat Erdwissenschaften
Raemistrasse 101, 8092 Zuerich
Tel. +41 44  632 67 17 / +41 44  632 36 88 Fax +41 44 632 12 88


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.