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[InetBib] Call for Papers IFLA Section Library buildings and Equipment

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
bitte beachten Sie den angefügten Call for Papers für die Open Session der IFLA-Sektion "Library buildings and Equipment" während der 79. IFLA-Konferenz in Singapur im August 2013.
Mit den besten Grüßen

Dorothea Sommer


Call for Papers
Session hosted by the Section for Library Buildings and Equipment in Singapore, at the 79th World Library and Information Congress on the 15 - 19 August 2013

Session title: The library and the city

Recent years have shown the trend that more and more people are reinventing and rediscovering the urban city as a living space. Cities provide work, accommodation, education, neighbourhood, participation in cultural and leisure activities and provide an attractive infrastructure that is compact and easily accessible. The Renaissance of the city center and urban life-style necessitates rethinking of the concept of the library from not only a destination in the city but also a catalyst for urban development and growth. Libraries are a central component of the knowledge environment of modern cities. They are cultural and social transformers of society and strive - especially in times of economic crisis - to include diverse social groups that are the inhabitants of a city and potential users of the library.

The Library Buildings & Equipment Standing Committee is looking for papers which highlight the reciprocal relationship of the library and the city in the context of architecture in the knowledge society. Papers should explore and reveal how architecture and interior design can transform libraries into fascinating and inspiring destinations in the city. They should focus on how libraries and their buildings can contribute to the development of city architecture and add value to it. The Section is particularly interested in projects that demonstrate new functional demands for the architecture and the design of libraries and the respective interaction with the city architecture and urban spaces. We would like the programme to have a balance between theoretical approaches devoted to aspects of library and urban planning and best practice case studies, which have proven to have met the different needs of the urban user.

The theme of WLIC 2013, “Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities” should provide the context of the presentation.

The following should be provided:

- name and institution of presenter(s)

- an abstract of the paper describing the project, campaign or research carried out (1 page, up to 350 words) preferably in English

- relevant biographical information of author(s)/presenter(s)

Send your proposals by 31th, January 2013 via e-mail to the chair of the LBE section Dorothea Sommer (dorothea.sommer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

The abstracts will be reviewed and selected by a Review Committee. The paper can be given at the congress in any of IFLA’s official languages. Successful proposals will be identified and announced by February 22, 2013.

If a paper is selected authors must commit to presenting it in Singapore.

All presenters and their papers will be listed in the final IFLA Programme. Therefore presenters must forward the full text of their papers by April 15, 2013 to allow time for review and for preparation of translations. The time allowed for the presentation will be 20 minutes. Papers should be no longer than 20 pages.

In accordance with IFLA’s Open Access Statement all papers presented at the WLIC 2013 shall be available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

Please note that it is the presenters’ responsibility to find funding for their participation (registration fee, travel, accommodation and associated costs). IFLA is not in a position to fund attendance at the Congress.

Dr. Dorothea Sommer
Chair, IFLA Section Library buildings and Equipment
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