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[InetBib] Call for Papers - 1st Workshop on Management Information Systems (MIS) in Multimedia Art, Education, Entertainment, and Culture

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We sincerely invite contributions to the following workshop:

1st international workshop on management information systems in multimedia 
arts, education,
entertainment, and culture (MIS-MEDIA 2013)

15th – 19th July 2013
San Jose, CA, USA
in conjunction with ICME 2013

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo

Multimedia technologies as video-audio processing, multimedia coding, 
multi-modal coding, databases, digital libraries, etc. are many times seen as 
single application that are not part of a larger application domain. Within the 
context of this workshop we focus on the application of multimedia technologies 
in management information systems in multimedia, arts, education, and culture 
to introduce a new research field: Media Technologies in Management Information 
Systems. Management Information Systems (MIS) support organizations from a 
people, information, and technology perspective to increase efficiency, provide 
increased productivity, and develop information systems to support management 
[1]. Within the scope of this workshop we focus on the application of 
multimedia technologies in the context of MISs in media industry. Media 
technologies support MISs in many various ways. Speech, audio, video, and text 
processing enable the generation of information for decision support systems or 
advanced resource management. Practical examples are  technologies for E2E 
delivery of digital content, data warehousing, personalized and individualized 
offerings for customers, solutions for IPR management, advertisement 
management, consumer experience studies of MISs, metadata & workflow 
management, content adaptation, management reporting, multimedia supporting 
data analytics, or cross-media content offerings. The workshop is targeted at a 
wide community: multimedia technology developer, consumer experience scholars, 
business scholars, information systems community, MIS developer, content 
developer, and other R&D scholars involved in media and entertainment 
We are interested at a multidisciplinary workshop and are seeking for 
case-studies; presentations of new ideas, artistic installations; applications 
in the domain of arts, education, entertainment, and culture; user-experience 
studies; management information system studies; and multimedia technologies 
supporting MISs.
[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_information_system

•    Cross-media offering, distribution channels and convergence
•    Media business information management for multimedia
•    Media information system design in multimedia
•    Business intelligence in media industries
•    Knowledge management systems applications
•    Workflow management, operational efficiency and new capturing technologies
•    Home platforms, mobility, multi-play and network convergence
•    Systems for management reporting, analysis, and decision support
•    Standards to enable technical convergence
•    Data warehousing in converging environments
•    Integration of analogue and digital media productions
•    E2E systems and solutions in converging media environments
•    Asset management and metadata management
•    E2E systems, infrastructures and solutions
•    Integration of analogue and digital media production and distribution
•    Information systems and decision support systems
•    Speech, audio, image, video, and text processing in information management
•    Marketing information systems
•    Content analysis, matching, and retrieval in information management
•    Technologies in media art, education, entertainment, environment, and 
•    Consumer experience and quality assessment in MIS
•    Theoretical foundations of entertainment computation
•    Production process management
•    Multimedia databases, digital libraries, and eLearning in MIS
•    Technology and management of E2E media delivery
•    Business information management in media
•    Standards, policies, and regulation for MIS in media industry
•    Mobility, Social media, ambient media, eLearning
•    Practical media art, education, entertainment, and cultural applications

•    February 15th, 2013: submissions of 250 words abstracts
o    Note! full papers can also be submitted at the 7th March 2013
•    March 15th, 2013: workshop paper submission
•    April 15th, 2013: notification of workshop paper acceptance
•    April 30th, 2013: submission of camera ready papers

Papers will be selected in a double blind review process, and excellent 
submissions will be invited to submit extended versions of the paper in a 
journal special issue.

Please see the detailed submission guidelines on: 
•    Artur Lugmayr, EMMi Lab., Tampere Univ. of Technology (TUT), FINLAND
•    Tassilo Pellegrini, Dept. of Economics, St. Polten Univ. of Applied 
Sciences, AUSTRIA
•    Emilija Stojmenova, Iskratel, SLOVENIA
•    n/n – one additional chair from information system community will join as 
workshop chair
In case of questions, please contact artur.lugmayr@xxxxxx (Tel. +358 40 821 
0558), or visit the workshop website at: 

With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Prof. (FH) Dr.  Tassilo    Pellegrini
Department of Media Economics
Department Medienwirtschaft

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences /
Fachhochschule St. Pölten GmbH
Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15, A-3100 St. Pölten
T: +43/2742/313 228 - 417, F: +43/2742/313 228 - 409
E: tassilo.pellegrini@xxxxxxxxxxx
I: www.fhstp.ac.at

FN 146616m, LG St. Pölten, DVR 1028669F

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