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[InetBib] Schließfächer in der Cloud

Erschöpfungsgrundsatz für digitale Medien: Schließfächer in der Cloud - auch für Bibliotheken?

1. "The US Patents and Trade Office awarded Amazon Patent No. 8,364,595 — which covers an electronic marketplace where digital content can be transferred between users a limited number of times — in late January, after the company applied for it in 2009.

The patent describes a marketplace where digital goods such as "e-books, audio, video, computer games, etc" that are purchased from an original vendor are stored in a personalised data store. Amazon's idea is that users can sacrifice their right to access "the now-used digital content" and move it to another person's data store."

2. "Time Warner CEO says cloud-based sellthrough platform expanding beyond U.S., Canada and U.K.

UltraViolet http://www.uvvu.com/ , the industry-wide initiative to reinvigorate sellthrough of physical and digital movies, is set to bow international access in the coming months with availability in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand, said Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes.

In a Feb. 6 fiscal call with analysts, Bewkes reiterated growing support for the cloud-based digital locker, which Warner helped launch through Flixster.com. The website is a key registration platform for consumers to register UltraViolet titles accessible on compatible devices anytime.

Bewkes said that with more than 9 million registered accounts and 8,500 compatible titles in North America, the time is right to expand UltraViolet internationally.

“In 2013, we expect to see a lot more retailers coming on board,” he said."

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