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Re: [InetBib] [museums-themen] Fwd: Europeana UGC Evaluation und deutsche Mailinglisten


die Mail von Frau Haffner zum einen wg. dem europeana survey (aka umfrage).
zum anderen ist die museums-themen, die vor fast einem jahr begonnen wurde,
eine ganz spannende liste. infos am ende der mail.

 Survey Invitation – How important is user-created content for memory

User-created content is an integral part of the online experience. From
slideshows on Flickr to articles on Wikipedia, from discussions on Twitter
to cat videos on YouTube, millions of users produce and disseminate new
content every day. Very often this micro-production takes place outside of
institutions but some successful pioneers have shown that user-created
content can become a valuable resource for galleries, libraries, archives
and museums.

We are interested in finding out how important user-created content is for
our sector: Who uses it and how? Who doesn't use it and why not? What can
we learn from each other and what kind of services could the Europeana
Network offer to turn user-created content into true assets for its

 No matter if you are a member of Europeana or not, if you are curious to
know how important user-created content is for the GLAM community then
please complete our survey until the 28th of May. It only takes 8 minutes
and we will share the results with you this autumn on the LinkedIn page of
the Europeana Network, the Europeana Pro Blog and during the annual general
meeting of the Europeana Network:


For further information about our task force and its mission please visit

The members of the Europeana Network Task Force on User-Generated Content,

Ad Pollé
Christian Bajomi
Christine Sauter
Johan Oomen
Lars Wieneke (chair)
Marie-Hélène Serra
Märta Molin
Nikolaos Maniatis
Susan Hazan (chair)


Lars Wieneke
*Doctor of Engineering***
** **
*DHLab – **Digital Humanities Lab *
** **
*Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe*
*Château de Sanem   L** **-** **4992 Sanem G.-D. Luxembourg *
*Tel.** **+352 59 59 20-503 *
*Fax** **+352 59 59 20-555*
** **
** **


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