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[InetBib] Die Bibliothek als Ort

nb1. sendika heisst auf dt. Gewerkschaft, auf engl. union
nb2. kütüphane ist das türkische wort für bibliothek.

... in forumoeb ging ... ein ekz-Seminarhinweis zum Thema "Die
Bibliothek als Ort" am 03.07. ein.

Ergänzend noch der deep link auf die mail an forumoeb


Ein aktueller text ...
Alan N. Shapiro: Die Bibliothek der Zukunft

Eine von vielen vorhersagen ...
5 Reasons Libraries Will Fail – Published in 1864 | Eduhacker
"The pneumatic tube revolution is upon us! People will no longer read
books as hardbound copies cannot be rolled into tube-like fashion and
sent whooshing from building to building. Extrapolating data shows
that pneumatic tubes will be installed in 78% of American homes by the
end of the century."

Ein Zitat ...
"Your are not to go into your library as a man does into a Turkish
bath, === for pleasurable sensation, but as one would into the ocean,
for exercise and refreshment." (Our library, or What to read, and how.
A lecture delivered to the Young Men's Christian Association, Dublin,
7th December, 1858, by Wm. Pakenham Walsh)


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