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[InetBib] 7th Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award || 6.000 Euros Award Sum || 19th August Deadline || Wake Up Call

Nokia Ubimedia Awards 2013 Wake-up Call for Entries

7th Annual International Competition on Ubiquitous Media
1st-3rd October 2013, Tampere FINLAND

*** 6.000 Euros Award Sum
*** Deadline: 19th August 2013
*** http://www.numa.fi

as to date we received quite a few great entries to NUMA 2013, but our jury 
hungers for more challenging projects. This is a "NUMA 2013 Wake-Up Call" for 
your ubimedia submissions and we hope that you all you aspiring Ubimedia 
out there take the chance to join prople who won the competition in the previous
years - one of them runs a successful startup.

6000 Euros price sum and travels paid to visit MindTrek 2013 for the three best 
All we need is a description of your project and if possible a short 
video. And we need it til August 15th. We do especially encourage student and 
PhD-projects, as well as innovative start-ups. 

Good luck and see you in Tampere!

More about the competition & submission system: http:/www.numa.fi

Competition Chairs
Artur LUGMAYR, EMMi Lab, Tampere Univ. of Technology, FINLAND
Cai MELAKOSKI, School of Art, Music and Media, Tampere UAS (TAMK), FINLAND
Ville LUOTONEN, Ubiquitous Computing Tampere Center of Expertise, Hermia Ltd., 

Head of Jury
Bjoern STOCKLEBEN, Project "Cross Media", University of Applied Sciences 
Magdeburg-Stendal, GERMANY


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