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[InetBib] IFLA Section on Education and Training (SET) Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

gern leite ich die folgende Information incl. einem Call for Book Chapters
und einem Call for Proposals an Sie weiter:


IFLA Section on Education and Training (SET) Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Over the past few decades, the Section for Education and Training (SET) has
supported and enhancedlibrary and information science (LIS) education and
training based on research and professional practice on an international
scale to encourage collaboration and development across the profession.

In 2014, SET will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in two parts:

1) An off-site summit as part of the 2014 IFLA World Library and
Information Conference in Lyon
2) A 40th anniversary book to be published in 2015 featuring historical
chapters and insights into the future of LIS education and training

The summit will be a special one-day off-site session at the 2014 IFLA
conference and will address SET’s history and future by creating a
collaborative forum for critical discussion. Components of the event
includes panels, keynotes, and Ignite sessions. See Call for Proposals:

The goal of the anniversary book (see Call for Book Chapters:
will be to examine the past 40 years of SET’s history and its role in LIS
education and training as well as to make future projections of LIS
education and training in 2050. The book will include both historical
chapters examining lessons learned over the past 40 years as well as
position papers addressing key issues of LIS education and training. Some
potential thematic issues the book will address are the integration of
hands-on knowledge, reputation of the LIS profession, how the library of
the future might look and how to prepare LIS students for it, and future
research in LIS.

More details regarding the celebration activities are forthcoming (see

For more information, please contact Clara Chu, cmchu@xxxxxxxx, or Michael
Seadle, seadle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


freundliche Grüße,

Ulla Wimmer


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