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[InetBib] IFLA Satellite Meeting - RDA - Resource Description and Access - status and perspectives 2014

     Dear Colleagues,
     IFLA Cataloguing Section is pleased to announce the Satellite Meeting:  
RDA – Resource Description and Access – status and perspectives 2014.

     RDA is a new standard for resource description and access. It is based on 
IFLA’s International statement on international cataloguing principles (ICP) 
and the conceptual models of the FRBR family (Functional requirements for 
bibliographic records, FRBR, and Functional requirements for authority data, 

     RDA is one of the first practical applications of those IFLA standards and 
the successor and replacement of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2), 
one of the cataloguing codes used in many institutions worldwide.
     First released in 2010 as part of the RDA Toolkit, RDA is developed and 
updated on a regularly basis by the Joint Steering Committee for Development of 
     There are translations into French and German languages, more are to 
follow soon.
     These are the reasons why the international cataloguing community follows 
the development of RDA with growing interest.
     In 2011 already, the IFLA Cataloguing Section held a Satellite Meeting on 
RDA in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was decided then to organize a follow-up 
Satellite Meeting on RDA a few years later.
     The meeting will take place at August 13 in Frankfurt and is kindly hosted 
by  Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and the event is one of the Satellite Meetings 
which will be held in conjunction with IFLA World Library and Information 
Congress in Lyon, France, 16-22 August 2014.
     For further information and registration please look at the website: 

     Kind regards on behalf of the organizing committee
     Hanne Hørl Hansen, Chair, IFLA Cataloguing Section

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