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[InetBib] WG: DERM 2014 - Workshop on Data Management and Electronic Resource Management in Libraries

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Von: Thomas Riechert [mailto:riechert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Gesendet: Montag, 7. April 2014 11:29
Betreff: CfP: DERM 2014 - Workshop on Data Management and Electronic Resource 
Management in



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Workshop on Data Management and Electronic Resource Management in Libraries 
(DERM 2014)
Sep 23, 2014 Stuttgart, Germany


Call For Papers

The objectives of the international workshop DERM 2014, as part of the 
INFORMATIK 2014 conference in
Stuttgart (Germany) is concerned with the transition of traditional information 
systems to a
web-oriented and Linked Data oriented infrastructure in libraries. The initial 
focus within this
research field is on evaluating the complexity of existing databases and 
accordingly providing
correct data alignments. As a consequence thereof, another focus is on the 
development as well as
the deployment of adaptive information systems. These systems can be used 
flexibly in new business
processes within libraries, that are driven by tasks like managing and sharing 
heterogeneous data
sets. Additionally, accumulating and augmenting data is made easier by 
providing tools that abstract
from the technical details and the complexity of the Linked Data world as far 
as possible.
Within this context, the workshop addresses data engineers, knowledge engineers 
and software
engineers, as well as users in the IT administration of libraries, information 
suppliers and other
interested users. The conference languages are German and English.

Dates and details regarding the submission of papers

- Paper submission Deadline: April 22, 2014
- Notification of Acceptance: May 20, 2014
- Camera Ready Version: June 23, 2014

Further information as well as the workshop program will be published at the 
workshop website.


We call for submission of papers on current research work and application of 
interesting use cases
within the following research areas and application fields:

Data Management, Electronic Resource Management, Semantic Web, Linked Open 
Data, Linked Enterprise
Data, Knowledge Engineering, Software Engineering, Service Engineering, Data 
Modelling, Process
Modelling, Vocabulary Alignment, Instance Matching, Open Access, etc.

The submissions should be between 10?12 pages and in accordance with the 
formatting guidelines. In addition, the workshop will provide the opportunity 
to present project
ideas and implementations in the form of posters.


The program committee consists of domain experts from the library sector as 
well as of computer
scientists from the research fields of Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, 
Information Systems, Data
Management and Software Engineering. The workshop will be organised by the 
Saxon State and
University Library Dresden (Jens Mittelbach), the Leipzig University Library 
(Leander Seige),
Avantgarde Labs Dresden (Torsten Hartmann), the Leipzig University of Applied 
Sciences and the
Institute for Applied Informatics Leipzig (Thomas Riechert). Submissions and 
reviews of the
contributions are made using the conference tool Easy Chair.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Riechert
Information Systems and Data Management
Research Group: "Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web"
Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (HTWK)
Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Gustav-Freytag-Str. 42A, Zi. 507, 04277 Leipzig, Germany
phone +49 (341) 3076 6413 fax +49 (341) 3076 85 6413 
e-mail: thomas.riechert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DERM2014: Workshop Datenmanagement und Management elektronischer Ressourcen in 
Bibliotheken /
Workshop on Data Management and Electronic Resource Management for Libraries 
(DERM2014) am
GI-Jahrestagung INFORMATIK 2014, Stuttgart
CfP: 22.04.2014
SKILL2014: Studierendenkonferenz Informatik am 25.09.2014
GI-Jahrestagung INFORMATIK 2014, Stuttgart
CfP: 22.04.2014






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