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[InetBib] OpenGLAM workshop at OKFestival

*** Apologies for cross-posting ***
Open Data in Cultural Heritage - OpenGLAM in Germany

Are you working in a cultural heritage institution, or interested in opening up cultural heritage data for wider reuse? On the morning prior to the start of the Open Knowledge Festival, the OpenGLAM initiative, Wikimedia Deutschland and the DM2E project are organising a half day workshop on open cultural data, with a special focus on German cultural heritage institutions. OpenGLAM is an initiative committed to building a world in which our cultural heritage is freely available for everyone to access, use, connect and enjoy, and actively encourages galleries, libraries, museums and archives worldwide to adopt proactive open content and open data policies.

During this workshop, we will identify, investigate and discuss the possibilities and key obstacles of opening up your cultural data as an institution. After a round of inspiring presentations from initiatives like Europeana, Wikidata, the German Digital Library and Coding da Vinci we will continue the discussion how to overcome the barriers to opening up data in the cultural heritage sector.

Finally, we will hear from the successful local OpenGLAM groups currently active in Switzerland and Finland, and kickstart a local OpenGLAM network for German heritage institutions interested in open cultural content and open access. We invite everyone to join and help think about the focus points for such a German OpenGLAM group for the future, and look forward to start up a fruitful collaboration!

Registration and details

Date: Tuesday 15 July, 9.30 - 13.00

Location: Wikimedia Deutschland, Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24

More information, as well as the full programme, is available through the OpenGLAM site

Attendance is free but places are limited: please register through http://bit.ly/openglamOK

If you want to read more about OpenGLAM and open cultural data (in German), check out http://okfn.de/openglam

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.