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[InetBib] Call for Participation -- Tutorial: Enterprise Linked Data Strategies & the Commercialization of Interlinked Data @ ESWC 2015

=== Apologies  for cross-posting ===

Call for Participation: ELDSCID 2015

 Tutorial: Enterprise Linked Data Strategies & the Commercialization of 
Interlinked Data (ELDSCID 2015)
@European Semantic Web Conference 2015 (ESWC2015), Portoroz, Slovenia - 31st 
May 2015 (morning session)

 - #ELDSCID2015

Conference Web-Site: http://2015.eswc-conferences.org/

=== Abstract ===

The adoption of Linked Data technologies in enterprises in order to improve 
methods of Data Integration and to introduce new approaches for a more 
efficient Information Management is becoming increasingly popular. This trend 
is complemented by activities aimed at commercializing Interlinked (Open) Data, 
mainly undertaken by publishers and media companies. While professional 
information providers work on Linked Data infrastructures to be able to deliver 
better linkable information assets on a more granular level, enterprises are in 
the process of redesigning information strategies and content workflows. 
Ultimate goals are heading towards a more efficient reuse and enrichment of 
knowledge assets and the personalisation of information services.

In this tutorial, we will give several demos and concrete examples of how 
Linked Data can be used by enterprises in various industries. We will classify 
those to give a coherent picture over ‘typical application scenarios’ and 
corresponding benefits arguments. From an information provider’s perspective, 
we will discuss how Linked Data has become a game changer for the whole content 
industry. In addition, we will shed light on new business models for Linked 
Data at the intersection of Linked Data assets, stakeholders and revenue models 
by introducing the Linked Data Business Cube.

=== What will be discussed? ===

In the first part of the tutorial, attendees will be provided with a 
comprehensive picture of application scenarios for Linked Data in enterprises. 
We will talk about real-world use cases from various industries (pharma, 
finance, health care, media and publishing) including benefits arguments in the 
light of strategy considerations.

In the second part, we will discuss various business model issues associated 
with Linked Data. Therefore, we will identify assets, stakeholders and revenue 
models that occur in the process of Linked Data value creation. We will 
introduce ‘The Linked Data Business Cube’, which shall provide a systematic 
approach to map Linked Data assets to stakeholders and revenue models.

In the final part of this tutorial, attendees will gain detailed insights into 
new methods of information management along the whole content value chain 
(content creation, distribution and consumption). With the aid of concrete use 
case examples based on experiences from Wolters Kluwer, we will apply criterias 
defined by the Linked Data Business Cube.

ELDSCID aims to give users and providers of Linked Data valuable methods and 
best practices at hand, which help them to make profound decisions in their 
Linked Data projects.

Attendees will …

  *   receive insights into various real-world applications of Linked Data in 
the course of a practical session,
  *   learn details about the Linked Data strategy of a large publisher and its 
impact on the content industry,
  *   and will be introduced to the Linked Data Business Cube to be able to 
perceive and understand Linked Data as an Economic Asset
=== Agenda ===

  1.  Andreas Blumauer - The user perspective: Linked Data Use Case Scenarios, 
Benefits Arguments, Information Management Strategies & Linked Data, Q & A (60 
  2.  Tassilo Pellegrini - The economic perspective: Linked Data Value Chain, 
Linked Data Licensing, Linked Data Business Cube, Q & A (60 minutes)
  3.  Christian Dirschl - The provider perspective: Monetizing Linked Data, The 
Wolters Kluwer Use Case, Impact on Media Industry, Q & A (60 minutes)
  4.  Open Discussion (15-30 minutes)

=== How can I participate? ===

The tutorial is open to all interested parties. No registration is required.

With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Prof. (FH) Dr.  Tassilo    Pellegrini
Department of Media and Economics
Department Medien und Wirtschaft

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences /
Fachhochschule St. Pölten GmbH
Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15, A-3100 St. Pölten
T: +43/2742/313 228 - 417, F: +43/2742/313 228 - 409
E: tassilo.pellegrini@xxxxxxxxxxx
I: www.fhstp.ac.at

FN 146616m, LG St. Pölten, DVR 1028669F


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