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[InetBib] Apropos "Elsevier latest developments"

Wie freut sich doch der Aktionär in mir, wenn die ETH Zürich der RELX Group 
(Ehemals Reed Elsevier) die Gelegenheit offeriert, ein bisschen Kundennähe zu 

Wie weit weg Elsevier tatsächlich von den eigentlich Bedürfnissen der 
Bibliotheken weg ist zeigt folgendes Statement aus dem Open Access Newsletter 
der Niederlande:

Elsevier: no negotiations
Negotiations with Elsevier have stalled. Elsevier is only willing to move 
towards open access if the universities pay for both the right to read and 
publish articles. This would not be feasible in budgetary terms.“

Tja, nicht zu vergessen ist, dass man auch in der Schweiz um eine Verrechnung 
von APC und Subskriptionen angefragt hat und dies Elsevier - immerhin global 
konsequent - abgelehnt hat. Das zahlt sich für die Aktionäre von Elsevier aus, 
wie dem Jahresbericht 2014 der RELX Group zu entnehmen ist: 
 (S. 17)

Key business trends were positive for the year with underlying research 
subscription revenue growth around half a percentage point ahead of the prior 
year. Electronic revenueswhich now account for around 74% of the total 
continued to see good growth across segments.

In primary research, article submissions to subscription journals and usage 
continued to grow in double digits, and journal quality, as measured by 
relative impact factor, was maintained. Subscription revenue growth rates were 
around half a percentage point higher than in the prior year, driven by 
increased volume and new sales.

The volume of “author-pays” or “author’s-funder-pays” articles grew strongly 
from a small base. We continued to launch new journals, and now operate over 
100 stand-alone author-pays open access journals alongside our sponsored 
article option in over 1,600 subscription journals. We saw continued good 
growth in databases and tools, as well as in electronic reference and 
education. Print book and pharma promotion revenues continued to decline, 
albeit at a slightly lower rate than in the prior year.

freundliche Grüsse

Christian Gutknecht

Am 16.03.2015 um 14:35 schrieb Renn Oliver <renn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

wir möchten Sie auf folgende Veranstaltung in Zürich aufmerksam machen,
insbesondere Listenteilnehmer aus der Schweiz oder grenznaher Gebiete:

Elsevier Library Connect Event Switzerland, 30.4.2015, ETH Zürich

This year the Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center of the
ETH Zürich plays host again to the 2015 Library Connect Event on the 30th
2015 in Zurich. At this event, Elsevier¹s Swiss library customers meet and
share best practices, discuss their challenges and have the opportunity to
network with colleagues.

The event is open to anyone who is dealing with information solutions,
teaching information management tools and databases but also to researchers
interested in this topic.

The agenda is always topical and focused with the customer in mind. 2015
themes are Open Access, Elsevier¹s text mining strategy, innovation in the
of Google and a strategic outlook of Elsevier. Prior registration is

The event is a unique opportunity to learn about Elsevier¹s latest
developments, especially for chemistry and life sciences and to discuss
Elsevier representatives.

Weitere Information und Registrierung unter

Freundliche Grüsse

Informationszentrum Chemie|Biologie|Pharmazie
ETH Zürich
HCI J 57.5
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 10
8093 Zürich
Telefon +41 44 632 30 66



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