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[InetBib] DataCite to Manage and Develop re3data.org

*** Apologies for cross-posting. ***

Dear Colleagues,

the DataCite General Assembly met at the British Library last week and approved 
the inclusion of the re3data.org registry of research data repositories into 
the portfolio of services that are managed by the DataCite organization [1].

Over 1,200 data repositories have been indexed by re3data.org and can be 
searched and accessed at its website or by using its API. Bringing this service 
together with DataCite, who mints and manages Digital Object Identifiers for 
datasets, will yield new opportunities to explore in combining a registry of 
data repositories with information about persisted datasets to create new value 
for the research community.

A new re3data.org Working Group within DataCite will be co-chaired by Michael 
Witt and Frank Scholze, who will also lead the editorial board that evaluates 
new additions and maintains the records in the registry. Members of the working 
group will be appointed by the DataCite Executive Board and include equal 
participation from the original re3data.org project partners and DataCite 
member institutions. The working group will convene in September to migrate the 
operation of re3data.org to DataCite at the end of the year. Infrastructure and 
technical support for re3data.orgwill continue to be provided by the Karlsruhe 
Institute of Technology (KIT).

Project partners in re3data.org include the GFZ German Research Centre for 
Geosciences, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Purdue University, and KIT. The 
work of re3data.org has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in 
Germany and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in the United 

[1] http://www.datacite.org
[2] http://www.re3data.org/2015/03/merger-and-first-version-of-api/

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Further information:
Website: http://www.re3data.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/re3data

Heinz Pampel

Helmholtz Association
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