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[InetBib] 14th European NKOS workshop at TPDL2015

Dear colleagues,

The 14th European NKOS workshop will take place on Friday 18th September 2015 
as part of TPDL 2015 in Poznan, Poland.

We have published a list of accepted papers for the workshop.
See details under 

We have accepted 6 papers and one invited talk. See below.

- Demonstration of the BAsel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications 
Andreas Ledl

- The Cocoda Mapping Tool:
Uma Balakrishnan, Jakob Voß

- The missing link: a terminology mapping effort in economics:
Andreas Oskar Kempf, Joachim Neubert

- Ontology Matching for archaeological KOS:
Lena-Luise Stahn

- Mapping between linked data vocabularies in ARIADNE:
Douglas Tudhope, Ceri Binding

- Linking theory with practice: CIDOC CRM-based gazetteers and time-period 
thesauri (Invited talk):
Franco Niccolucci

- Report on and demonstration of the PeriodO period gazetteer:
Ryan Shaw, Adam Rabinowitz, Patrick Golden, Eric Kansa

You are cordially invited to take part in this full day workshop.
Please register for the workshop (under http://tpdl2015.info/registration/) and 
circulate to interested persons. Late registration is the August 31!

See you in four weeks in Poznan.

Best regards,
Doug and Philipp

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