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[InetBib] When Amazon Dies

Wo wir schon einmal dabei sind:
When Amazon Dies: What will happen to digital collections of books, movies, and 
music when the tech giants fall?
Zitat: " “Amazon has done so much to bully both readers and publishers. And yet 
if it were to collapse, it would cause chaos.”At the root of that chaos would 
be the immense loss of media, and the wholesale disappearance of works—not just 
from personal collections, but altogether. “At the start of the 22nd century, 
we are going to find ourselves in a situation with huge gaps in knowledge and 
culture. Because none of these companies will be around.” "
.... aber dafür haben wir ja Bibliotheken, oder?
Naheliegende Frage: Was passiert eigentlich, wenn die Onleihe stirbt. Haben die 
Bibliotheken die Ebooks "gekauft"? Es soll dort ja schon nachträgliche 
Lizenzänderungen bei "gekauften" E-Medien gegeben haben (?):
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