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[InetBib] IFLA JOURNAL - Chance zur Veröffentlichung - Sonderheft Forschungsdaten

Der Herausgeber des IFLA-Journal, Steve Witt, ermutigt Fachkolleginnen und 
-kollegen aus dem Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen, ihre 
Fachveröffentlichungen beim IFLA Journal einzureichen. Für das kommende Jahr 
ist ein Sonderheft zu Forschungsdaten geplant, ein spannendes Thema, zu dem 
noch Beiträge eingereicht werden können.

Hier der Text von Steve Witt, der sich ursprünglich an die IFLA Sektionen 
wendet, aber selbstverständlich auch an alle interessierten Fachkollegen und 
Fachkolleginnen, die nicht in der IFLA aktiv sind:
As you know, IFLA Journal is IFLA's academic journal and aims to support the 
dissemination of original articles of interest to our field and profession 
broadly.  The Editorial Board and myself would like to encourage section 
members to submit articles in all fields of interest and concern to libraries 
and the information professions. Manuscripts on all aspects of librarianship 
will be considered. The journal focuses on reports of original research. 
Manuscripts may also include descriptive narratives of successful and 
unsuccessful ventures, thoughtful discussions of issues in librarianship, and 
other suitable subjects.
Conference Papers are Welcome
Although the journal doesn't directly publish papers from the conference, we 
encourage submission of edited and revised versions of papers from the IFLA 
Congress as well as satellite and allied conferences.
Special Issues
In the coming years, the journal plans to publish a special issue from each 
volume focused on a timely and relevant topic.  Next year's special issue will 
focus on Research Data Services (http://www.ifla.org/node/9909).  As we 
consider future issue, please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas.  
I'm more than happy to partner with sections in organizing such an issue.
How to Submit a Manuscript
IFLA Journal is hosted on ScholarOne(tm) Manuscripts, a web based online 
submission and peer review system SAGE Track. Please read the Manuscript 
 and then simply visit the IFLA Journal Manuscript submission 
webpage<http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ifl> to login and submit your article 
About IFLA Journal
IFLA Journal is an international journal publishing peer reviewed articles on 
library and information services and the social, political and economic issues 
that impact access to information through libraries. The Journal publishes 
research, case studies and essays that reflect the broad spectrum of the 
profession internationally. All articles are subject to peer review. Articles 
are published in English. Abstracts will be translated by IFLA (the 
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) into the 
other working languages of IFLA-Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian or 
Spanish-for publication.
IFLA Journal is the official journal of IFLA, and has an international 
readership consisting of academic institutions, professional organizations, and 
IFLA members who all receive a free subscription to the journal.
Steve Witt
Editor, IFLA Journal (http://ifl.sagepub.com/)
Follow IFLA Journal on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IFLAJournal

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